WABE Digs Into the Idea Behind Oakhurst Porchfest


In a WABE interview that aired this morning, Oakhurst Porchfest organizer Scott Doyon gives an excellent summary of the origins of Porchfest and what you can expect from the event.

Great stuff!

And as a little added bonus, our old “Decatur: There’s a Festival For That” t-shirt even got a mention!  🙂

Porchfest Update: Brother, Can You Spare a Porch?

oakhurst porchfest

As announced, the Oakhurst Porchfest initiative closed up shop on musician registrations Tuesday morning, leaving us with a porch deficit of roughly 15. That number has since dwindled to 10 thanks to word spreading around Oakhurst, leaving us with this, our final appeal:

Musician rootlessness is a serious issue. Won’t you, fine Oakhurst neighbor, ensure a temporary home for these unfortunate, wandering troubadours? Lend your porch to this important event. Do it today.

Porchfest hosts oversee just one hour of music, leaving plenty of time to still get out, wander the streets, meet neighbors, and take in other performances around the ‘hood.

Let’s provide a home for every performance.  Registration closes by Friday, 6pm, so sign up to host a porch NOW!

Porchfest Last Call: Musician Sign-Ups End Early Wednesday, Porches Soon After

Less than a month into registration, October’s grassroots, fully-crowdsourced Oakhurst Porchfest festival has surged beyond 100 porches and is now busting at the seams. So much so that registration must soon come to a close. But you’re not out of luck just yet. Here’s how it will work:

Bands / Musicians

Performer sign-ups will close tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9, at 10am. Anyone not registered by that point will need to either sit in with another performer or hold off until next year. So don’t miss out. If you’ve got tunes to share, sign up now before it’s too late HERE.

Porch Hosts

Porch numbers are slightly behind performance numbers so we’ll need just a bit more time to catch them up and ensure a porch for every performance. To do so, we’ll keep porch sign-ups open until either Friday the 11th at 6pm OR the point at which our porch number matches our final performance number. Whichever comes first, so sign up now HERE.

Curious how cool your street is shaping up to be? Here’s the latest map of registered porches below. Your porch will only make it better. Sign up now!

porchfest map 9815

Porchfest Monday: Approaching 100 Porches/Artists!

Here’s your weekly update on progress towards the Oakhurst Porchfest, our fully crowdsourced, grassroots music festival coming to south of the tracks on Sunday, October 18.

And quite the update it is, as porches and performer sign-ups run literally neck and neck: 96 of each, as of this writing. That’s entering epic territory.

Among them is an increasingly diverse array of styles, from one of our downtown church’s bell choirs to a master of Irish Uilleann pipes to an ensemble that describes themselves as “Earth’s first genetically-modified punk rock band.”

Plus, of course, a good dose of Americana. To that end, this week we feature Jackson County Line performing “One More Kiss”.

As with last week, there’s still time to get in on all this. If you live in Oakhurst, sign up your porch. If you’re a musician from anywhere at all, sign up to play. Then spread the word to keep our momentum going. Everything you need can be found HERE.

Porchfest Monday: Updates and Introductions

Welcome to a new Decatur Metro feature, in which we’ll be keeping the community up to date on our progress towards the Oakhurst Porchfest, Decatur’s first fully crowdsourced, grassroots community music festival. In it, we’ll cover the latest registration counts and introduce you to some of the artists lined up to play.

First up, the numbers. As of this writing, we’ve got 80 porches booked. And that number will probably be a few higher by the time you read this. Trailing closely are 77 musicians and bands who’ve signed up to perform.

Among those musicians are a couple we’ll introduce you to now, starting with The Soogs, Atlanta veterans who describe themselves as “the Pixies meets the Partridge Family.” Here they are, performing Cotton Mather’s “My Before and After.”

Now lest you think the festival is becoming a bastion of crafty power pop, think again. We’ll also be featuring Melissa the Loud, self-described as “medieval, renaissance, traditional, and original music on the loudest hurdy gurdy in Decatur.” What’s a hurdy gurdy?  Here’s a description for ya. And here’s Melissa on an NYC subway platform:

Finally, here’s how the map is shaping up. Lots of growing hot-spots emerging, but also still a couple of not-spots as well (Adams Street, Madison Ave., and Second Ave., could use a few porch participants).

porchfest map 8.23.15

Of course, there’s still time to get in on all this. If you live in Oakhurst, sign up your porch. If you’re a musician from anywhere at all, sign up to play. Then spread the word to keep our momentum going. Everything you need can be found HERE.

Oakhurst Porchfest Organizers Report “Crazy” Community Response

The launch of the Oakhurst Porchfest was just four days ago and already it’s looking like we may have a hit on our hands.

“It’s been crazy,” said porchfester-in-chief Scott Doyon. “Our only wish going into this was to somehow get the neighborhood — both long-timers and newcomers — out and about, getting to know one another, and just having a fun afternoon of music. But the response has been so great, who knows what this will turn into?”

The current tally of sign-ups? As of this writing, we already have 35 porches on board. And from them, we’re seeing the emergence of potential hot-spots within the neighborhood — areas where a concentration of participating neighbors is sure to make for a lively scene. Check this map of how it’s all currently shaking out:

porchfestmap 8.17

Now consider this exercise in simple math: If each current porch host encouraged just two additional neighbors on their street to sign up, we’d surpass a hundred stages our first year.


Speaking of, we’ve also had 24 musical acts sign up. So let it be known: Musicians, if you want to play, we’ve got stages to play on. “Y’all come.”, as they say.

Host, play, or volunteer and help make the Oakhurst Porchfest one for the record books. Everything you need to know or do can be found HERE.

Presenting Oakhurst Porchfest: Decatur’s First Crowdsourced Festival

oakhurst porchfest

So how’s this sound to everyone? An Oakhurst grassroots community music festival where front porches become stages, yards become venues, and everyone’s reminded how much fun can be had in the neighborhood.

Hopefully good, because it’s happening!

Oakhurst Porchfest, a joint project coordinated by a handful of Oakhurst neighbors, the Decatur Arts Alliance, and us here at Decatur Metro, aims to be the city’s first, fully crowdsourced festival. On the afternoon of Sunday, October 18, from 2 to 6pm, musicians of all kinds will grace porches throughout the neighborhood while folks on foot or on bikes wander about, listen, hang out on lawns and sidewalks, and mingle with the neighbors.

Now most of us are used to having great festivals put on for us rather than by us. However, this one, based on an event born in Ithaca, NY, eight years ago, is gearing up to be a for-neighbors-by-neighbors, crowdsourced sort of affair.

Lots of sign-ups (both musicians and porch hosts) will equal a spectacle. Limited sign-ups will equal a novelty. So let’s get the word out there and make it BIG — so we can do it again next year!

porchfestAre you in?  If so, here’s what you do.

If you live in Oakhurst, sign up as a porch (or stoop or lawn or driveway) host; if you’re a musician (from anywhere at all), sign up to play. If you want to help make it happen, sign up to volunteer. Or if you like Oakhurst and music and a generally funky good time, just show up with a few friends and family members.

It’s that easy.

So what do you say? Over the years, DM readers have demonstrated their commitment to real world community building.  We helped organize an Adult Prom, saved and rehabilitated an owl, crowd-sourced a bike rack, helped auction off a $2,000 beer for charity, and continue to help reunite many lost animals with their owners. Now let’s see what we can do when it comes to festivals.

Spread the word — to Oakhurst neighbors and to musicians far and wide! Everything you need to know can be found at the Oakhurst Porchfest website.

Photo of Westhaven, TN, Porchfest courtesy of Ray Porch.