Strum, Thump, Croon and Twang! Oakhurst Porchfest Registration Now Open

Hoo-boy. Here we go.

The 2017 installment of the Oakhurst Porchfest, Georgia’s largest organic free-range crowd-sourced music festival, gets officially underway today. Host and performer registrations are now open.

Performers, head this way. Porch hosts, go here.

Expect an encore of all the things you’ve come to love. Still on a Saturday (October 14). Still six hours (12-6pm) of the best dang porch performances you’re likely to find. Still a community owned and operated spectacle, destined to be whatever our hundreds of volunteering hosts and musicians and thousands of attendees want it to be.

Some things, however, will be a bit different. Most notably, we want to ensure we grow in manageable increments so registrations this year will be capped at 200 porches and an equal number of acts. That means if you want to be a part of the madness, it’s best you act sooner rather than later.

So, again: Performers, head this way. Porch hosts, go here

Finally, one note about music. We’ve had great variety over the past two years and would love to keep building on that. So if you know anyone in hip-hop, doo-wop, gospel, punk, funk, electronica, jazz, soul, pop, reggae, show tunes, classical, or any other genres not immediately associated with porches, give ‘em a shout and let them know: We want the most eclectic and unpredictable Porchfest possible. All folks welcome. Y’all come.

Last year we amassed over 50 porches and 50 acts in the first 48 hours. Surely you’re not going to let that record stand, are you? Are you?

Register now! Or get your questions answered at

Oakhurst Porchfest Wins “Best of Atlanta” Award


Woohoo!  In case you’ve yet to hear, Atlanta Magazine has awarded the Oakhurst Porchest a “Best of Atlanta” award this year under the category of “Neighborhood Festival” with this write up…

Before the last amp had been unplugged at the second annual Oakhurst Porchfest in October, the chatter had already begun: Can we do this again in the spring? Close to 200 musical acts—from family groups to soul singers to Americana bands by the wheelbarrow-full—arranged themselves in front yards and on porches throughout this Decatur neighborhood. Pity the motorists trying to weave through the narrow streets, which were packed with thousands of attendees.

As always, Porchfest wouldn’t be what it is without the countless support and energy of the Oakhurst neighborhood.  This a credit to all of you for putting on a hell of an event for the community the last two years.  And in the future!

Tell Us Your Oakhurst Porchfest Stories!


Well, that was awesome.

The 2nd Annual Oakhurst Porchfest is now officially in the books.  More venues, more total hours of music and more community food options translated into a lot more attendees (aka neighbors) and quite possibly even more fun than last year!

As is always the case with a Porchfest of this size, no one is able to experience the entire event.  Just too many porches and too many musicians for one mortal to take in.  So we’re eager to hear your stories.

The picture above shows probably the most well-circulated story to date – a Porchfest wedding! – which culminated with a procession through Harmony Park to the Black Sheep Ensemble on Saturday night as the event wrapped up.

So we want to hear all your stories.  What did you hear, see, eat?  Any unexpected, fun surprises?

And finally, a giant thank you to the Oakhurst community for putting on another amazing event.  Y’all are an inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Scott

Oakhurst Porchfest: What You Need To Know


Today’s the day. The day when your trusty Oakhurst Porchfest organizers shed a tear and send our babies off to college. So to speak.

That’s because, unlike conventional festivals, Porchfest is run by the community itself. Our work ends today, transitioning the role of festival manager to our 185 porch hosts, each making sure things run smoothly in their own little slice of the ‘hood tomorrow; 185 bands getting up close and personal with visitors; and countless attendees making sure their trash goes where it’s supposed to go and their hosts’ property gets treated with respect.

All in pursuit of a community spectacle, powered by love.

Of course, there’s still things to know, and we’ve got you covered. Here’s the rundown:

Time: Saturday, October 8th 12p-6p. Then at 6p, head down to Harmony Park and greet the evening with friends and a rousing performance by the Black Sheep Ensemble. Or show up in Harmony Park early at 11:30a and take in the Thankful Baptist A Capella Gospel.

Where: All over Oakhurst.  Here’s an interactive map with bands by hour and food locales.

Is there a map that I can print out?

Yes.  HERE.

What’s new in 2016?

Extended hours, new day of the week, more food, more art.  Read more about all that HERE.

Where to park?

Parking will be limited so try to walk, roll or arrive via the East Lake MARTA Station.

Also regarding cars, these signs will be placed all over the neighborhood reminding motorists to share the streets with their fellow human beings.


Thank you Oakhurst!  Of course, we’ll be documenting the event as it happens here on DM, so stop by when you have a moment, and send us your photos. We will post as we get them!

Free Advertising Thread for Porchfest Artists, Porch Hosts and Food Purveyors


Many Oakhurst Porchfest porch hosts have already put chalk to sidewalk (or “chalk to wall” as in the case above) or ink to signage to promote their band for this coming Saturday’s event.  Y’all rule.

But we on the Porchfest organizing committee are a 21st century crowd – for better or worse – and so we also respect the sheer power of the interwebs to get the word out.

This is where DM can help out.

So porch hosts, bands, artists and food flingers with associated deals for Saturday’s event: use this thread to promote yourself.  Tell your fellow neighbors where you’ll be and what you’ll be offering, so they can be sure to stop by.

BTW inside tip – If you hadn’t noticed, we have added food offerings to the Porchfest Google Map.  So not only can you plan a route around the neighborhood to hear all your favorite bands and visit friends, but now you can also plan to pick up a crepe, smoked wings or hot pretzels as you roam.  And many of the food proceeds go to support area non-profits and other organizations.  How awesome is that?

Photo courtesy of Oakhurst Porchfest Facebook page

Eye on the Street


Mead Rd, Decatur GA (pic submitted by Oakhurst Porchfest Instagram)

Porch hosts!  Don’t forget to advertise your bands this week!!

Oakhurst Porchfest is only days away!