Less Severe MARTA Cuts Still Affect Decatur

MARTA will hold another public hearing tonight at 7pm at the Maloof Auditorium at 1300 Commerce Drive in downtown Decatur to discuss the revised “less severe” cuts/alterations to bus and rail service.

The following bus routes that run through Decatur will still be affected.  (Routes in GREEN include the original modifications.  Routes in BLUE have “refined” modifications based on rider feedback.  Routes in RED are proposed for elimination.)

Route 2 – Proposed modification include Route 2 maintain service from North Ave. Station to Ponce de Leon Ave. and N. Highland Ave. Route 2 will then operate via N. Highland Ave., North Ave. (Outbound) Freedom Parkway (Inbound) and Moreland Ave. From Moreland Ave. Route 2 will assume the Caroline St., Marion Pl. and La France St. to Edgewood Candler Park Station segments currently serve by Route 28. Service will no longer be provided from Avondale Station to Ponce de Leon Ave and N. Highland Ave.

Route 8 – Partial Restoration‐ proposed modification include Route 8 maintain current routing from Brookhaven Station to E. Ponce de Leon Ave. at N. Decatur Rd. Route 8 will then continue N. Decatur Rd. assume the Glendale Rd., Chapel St., 7th Ave., Cedar St., N. Clarendon Ave., N. Avondale Rd. and E. College Ave. to Avondale Station segments currently served by Route 122.

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Maloof Auditorium & Montclair Elementary Closed Due to Flooding

The AJC is reporting that both Montclair Elementary School up between Buford Highway and Clairmont Road and the Maloof Auditorium in downtown Decatur have been closed due to flooding.

Montclair students were moved to Cross Keys High School after a creek near the school flooded.  The Maloof Auditorium had no such excuse.  It’s just a mess.

County commissioners said the Commerce Drive auditorium’s roof is leaking and damaged several ceiling tiles.

The commission announced Monday morning that it is moving its Tuesday meeting to the Decatur library auditorium on Sycamore Drive.

“The roof has leaked to the point it was raining in the auditorium,” Commissioner Larry Johnson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Although the fallen ceiling tile debris is being removed, the carpet is wet. Getting it ready for tomorrow won’t happen with continued rain in the forecast.”

An estimated repair cost was not immediately available.

MARTA Bus Route Forum in Decatur March 1st

As noted in Decatur City Commissioner Patti Garrett’s recent email to the community, there’s a March 1st MARTA public forum at the lovely Maloof Auditorium in downtown Decatur, from 6p-8p, to discuss the proposed bus route changes and flat-out discontinuations planned for the Atlanta transit system.  As noted rather succinctly by Garrett…

The routes around the East Lake, Avondale, and Decatur stations that face severe changes include the following:

Avondale: #2, #8, #36, #75, #114, #119, #120, #122, #125

Decatur: # 15, #18, #19,#123

East Lake: #22, #24

Garrett also suggests a couple other ways to give your feedback, which include…

1) Call the hotline, which receives and records messages from the public, at 404-848-5026; and 2) there is a “click and comment” section on the MARTA website at www.itsmarta.com.

Maloof Auditorium Floods

The Clairmont Heights Association blog has a note from DeKalb Commissioner Kathie Gannon alerting the public that due to the flooding of the Maloof Auditorium  “Winning the Water War Workshops on Saturday and Monday as well as the Tuesday Board of Commissioners meeting have moved.”

Guess the Maloof Building lost its own Water War today.  Why am I not surprised?