Tuxedo Cat Missing From Wilton Drive Home


Lindsey writes in…

Missing Tuxedo Cat last seen on Wilton Drive the evening of Saturday, May 30th. He has a white spot on his chin and white paws and comes to “Theo” or “Key Key.” He’s wearing a mint green collar without tags and is microchipped. Please email [email protected] if you’ve spotted him recently.

Cat Missing from East Maple and Church Street Home


Hannah reports that her cat Chewie is missing and was last seen at East Maple and Church Street in Decatur…

Chewie is a super sweet cat, who will come to his name or treats, but may be scared. He has a very bushy tail and a blue collar on. He is also micro-chipped.

He was last seen on the corner of East Maple Street and Church Street.

You can either text/call me at (231)-883-1986 or drop him off at the Village Vets in Decatur. Thank you so much!

Cat Missing From Around Fairview Ave and Montegomery Street


Linda writes in…

Small gray and white cat last seen late Monday (6/17) night at Fairview Ave. and Montgomery Street. Please check garages, crawl spaces and other enclosed spaces. Call Steve (404) 323-5459 or Linda (404) 323-5462 or email Steve at [email protected]

Cat Missing Near Montgomery Street in Decatur

Caitie writes in…

My wonderful kitty Coltrane is missing! He is a 2-year-old black shorthair cat with green-yellow eyes, a white tuft on his neck/chest area, and white streaks across his belly. He was last seen wearing a hot pink collar on the evening of Monday, June 4 on Montgomery Street (near the intersection with Ponce De Leon Place). He is VERY vocal and affectionate, but also kind of neurotic in an endearing silly cat kind of way.

If you’ve seen him in the past day or so, please contact Catie at (770)-870-0964 or [email protected] Thank you!

Lost Cat on Northern Avenue

Mallory writes in…

Hanners the orange tabby escaped through a window on Sunday, May 6 on Northern Avenue (off West Ponce de Leon). He is about a year old and friendly, though shy. He’s not wearing a collar, but he has a microchip. He was being watched by a friend at her apartment while I was out of town, so he’s not familiar with the area. He’s up to date on his vaccines and has been neutered. Please call 404-630-7916 day or night if you see him or have any information, or e-mail me at [email protected]. Please note that he does not have any white on him. Any help is greatly appreciated, and a reward is being offered for finding him.

Bo the Cat Found!!

Bo the cat is back home!  Sarah writes in…

Bo the cat was found last night. He’s home now, due in no small part to the simple fact that people knew about him. We appreciate your help in getting the word out. Once people knew Bo was missing they looked for him, and kept looking until he was found.

We are so grateful.

Awesome news!

A Lost Cat and a Lost Dog

First the kitty.  Adrea sends this pics and writes in…

Last night we lost our new kitty. She was adopted four weeks ago, and she is probably pretty scared. Roxie is a dilute brown tabby with a distinct black stripe down her back. She weighs about 8 lbs. She has never been outdoors, but she does have a chip. We have no idea how she got out. Lost near the intersection of Adams and Davis. If found, please call 404-270-9637.

Now the pup.  This short note from Tommy…

Black /white Italian Greyhound (small, 16 lbs.) lost 5/26 in Medlock area. Name is Harley. Dog needs medical care. Please call 404-556-9956.