Decatur Box Project Announces Full List of Artist Participants; More Decorated Signal Boxes On the Way

signal box1

From Andrea at the Decatur Box Project…

The Decatur Box Project, organized by Larry Holland of Fishbone Art, is entering Phase Two! More than thirty applicants hoped for the opportunity to express themselves by embellishing traffic signal boxes located throughout the city.

Adam Crawford has already completed his box of tigers at the corner of East Ponce de Leon Avenue and Ponce de Leon Place, next to Tzatiki’s (photo above). Austin Blue’s box is in progress at the corner of Commerce Drive and East Ponce de Leon Avenue, and Donna Howells is close to finishing her reading themed box near the library.

signal box3
Congratulations to all of the Decatur Box Project participants:
Adam Crawford
Adam Toksoz
Alex Santos
Amanda Morris
Austin Blue
Dan Flores
Donna Howells
Gerry “Madness” Gorman
Joe Dreher
Johnny Draco
Julie Fordham
Killamari Yo
Kyle Griffith
Larry Holland
Lauren Pallotta
Laurence Laufer
Nick Madden
Nick Morris
Pam Schuttysignal box2
Ray Geier
Sanithna Phansavanh
Sara Ngyuen
Many thanks to our community supporters: Decatur Downtown Development Authority, Decatur Tourism Board, Decatur Arts Alliance, Brick Store Pub, Thinking Man Tavern, Kimball House, Corner Pub, Twain’s, and all of the generous contributors to our crowdfunding campaign.

Keep your eyes open for some new, fun public art coming to downtown Decatur in the next few weeks. They will be popping up everywhere. Thank you, Larry, for coordinating another project that makes Decatur a leading public art destination!


Support Local Artists and the Beautification of Decatur Intersections!

catlanta box

Larry Holland of Fishbone Art and organizer of Secret Doors Decatur is hoping to expand the reach of his already much-celebrated “Decatur Box Project”.

Holland has already organized the painting of three, previously ugly signal boxes at intersections around the city, but is looking to expand the project to include up to 20 more boxes around the city.

But to do it, he’s looking for support to help pay the artists.

The Decatur Arts Alliance and the Downtown Development Authority have already chipped in a respectable $1,500.  However, he needs to raise a total of $4,000 to pay the chosen artists and launch the project in full.

So Holland has launched a fundraising page at Indiegogo to help raise the remaining $2,500 from the community.  There are plenty of nice perks available, depending on your monetary level of support.

He’s already raised over $400, so we only have a short ways to go to get the project over the top.

So let’s go!  Let’s enliven all those sterile boxes sitting anonymously around our community!

Signs Springing Up on Lampposts Around Decatur

clairemont sign

Signs are appearing around Decatur.

But these aren’t your garden variety, “Stay Off the Lawn”, “Dogs Should Poop Elsewhere” signs.  The Decatur Arts Alliance posted the pic above on Twitter a few days back, promising more in the coming days. The one above is hung Clairemont near the Decatur Visitors Center.

And here’s another right off Decatur Square, courtesy of Daren…

square sign

Where did they come from?

Well, we’ve heard that these signs were erected by the artist Larry Holland and Gerry Gorman in conjunction with the Decatur Arts Alliance.  Mr Holland was also responsible for the animal crossing signs and organizing the secret doors throughout the city over the past year.

The Arts Alliance’s Angie Macon tells us the quotes all come from books, poems and songs of Georgia artists and writers.  They are using the hashtag #gawrites, if you’re planning to snap a picture and post it on the internets in the coming days.

Take a walk on this beautiful afternoon and check them out!