Car Charging Stations Installed at Baby Kroger in Downtown Decatur

charging stations

Kroger, Downtown Decatur, GA (pic courtesy of Gwyneth) 

Big Expansion Plans for DeKalb Industrial Kroger

From Tomorrow’s News Today

Cincinnati, Ohio-based Kroger, which last week ended its policy of doubling manufacturer coupons, will soon begin a massive expansion of their North Decatur Square store. The site, now home to the shopping center, as well as a number of outparcels and hundreds of adjacent apartments, was previously home to a Kraft Foods plant that closed in the 1990s. The Kroger store, which relocated over ten years ago from a nearby center known today as Patel Plaza, is currently 63,419 square feet, but will swell to over 110,000 square feet after the expansion. (The sales floor space will be roughly 70% of the total building.)

Lots more info in the post.

Map courtesy of TNT

Decatur First Bank’s Kroger Branch Robbed, Suspects Already in Custody

Dave Kell tweeted earlier that the Decatur First Bank branch at the “lil’ Kroger” on Commerce Drive had been robbed around 5p this evening.

Deputy Chief Keith Lee was quick to respond to my inquiry with details and news that the perps have already been arrested.

We were notified of an armed robbery of the Decatur First Bank branch at Kroger this afternoon. Two suspects were stopped a few minutes later on Church Street. Evidence recovered during the stop established probable cause the two suspects were involved in the robbery. Both suspects are in custody at this time and the investigation is continuing.

Hats-off to DPD!!!