Photos: Lanta Gras 2017 in Kirkwood!

I’m a bit behind this week, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to these great photos by Luis Mendoza taken at Lanta Gras in Kirkwood this past weekend.  Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Luis Mendoza Photography

The Pullman Yard: How Would You Restore It?

Now that neighboring Kirkwood’s famously neglected Pullman Yard is officially ‘For Sale’ by the state, it’s time to start dreaming.

How would you go about restoring the Pullman Yard?

According to Creative Loafing, “Interested parties have until April 2017 to submit their “highest and best” offer for the land”.  So get thinking.  And then go scrounge up some investors!

Photo courtesy of MFer Photography via Flickr

Little Dog Found in Kirkwood


Zoe writes in…

We found this little pup in Kirkwood this afternoon. He’s about 1 or 2 years old, not neutered or chipped. We found him without a collar.
If someone knows who’s dog this is (or if this is someone’s dog) they can contact us at [email protected]

Decatur’s Neighbors Post Impressive 2nd Quarter Real Estate Gains


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What a difference a few months and peak selling season make in the trends! Here’s a look at 2nd Quarter 2015 data for several of Decatur’s direct neighbors. Our analysis of Q1 2015 can be found here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.57.22 PM

The spring market delivered improvements over Q1 in all categories – the total number of homes sold doubled or tripled, days on market decreased, average sales price increased, and sales price to list price increased for the most part across all neighboring areas. Avondale Estates saw the most dramatic change over Q1 with triple the number of homes sold, days on market cut in half, a 4% gain in SP/LP, and a 41% rise in average sales price versus Q1.

The number of homes sold increased for all neighborhoods during the spring selling season. Of the adjoining neighborhoods, Druid Hills leads the pack with just over half the number sold in Decatur. Kirkwood comes in right behind Druid Hills, swapping places from Q1. Avondale, East Lake, and Medlock Park were nearly equal, hovering around 30 sales in Q2.

East Lake, Kirkwood and Medlock Park homes boasted the shortest time on the market at 31 days and just edging out Decatur at 36 days. Avondale Estates homes were on the market a bit longer, selling in approximately 1½ months. Homes in Druid Hills took the longest to sell averaging just less than 2 months, which is not unexpected since homes at the higher price points typically take longer to sell.

Sales Price to List Price remained strong in all neighboring areas. Kirkwood came in with the highest SP/LP at 99.5% and took over the top spot from East Lake in Q1. Medlock Park tied Decatur for the #2 spot at 98.8%.

Druid Hills held onto the highest average sales price, but only saw a 7% increase over Q1. Decatur posted the 2nd highest average sales price and increased approximately 15% over Q1. Avondale ranked 3rd in average sales price and had the biggest jump increasing 41% over Q1. Kirkwood and East Lake were 4th and 5th with 12% and 14% increases over Q1 respectively. Medlock Park rounded out the group hovering just above $250,000 and was the only neighborhood to show a drop over Q1 of approximately 3%.
The 3rd Quarter numbers are likely to be interesting, since they combine the final two months of peak selling season with back to school.

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Photo courtesy of Avondale Estates website


City Of Decatur Real Estate vs. Neighboring Areas


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We’ve recently taken a close look at overall real estate trends in both Decatur and Druid Hills, how do the overall metrics in these areas compare to their neighbors?

Here’s a look at 1st Quarter 2015 data for Decatur and several of its direct neighbors.


One interesting metric here is the number of homes sold. Obviously this number is influenced by the size of the area, but regardless, more homes were sold in Decatur than any other neighboring area.  Kirkwood leads the pack of adjoining neighborhoods with just over half the number sold in Decatur. Druid Hills comes in right behind Kirkwood. Avondale, East Lake, and Medlock Park only had a handful of sales in comparison.

Days on market were basically equal for Decatur, East Lake and Kirkwood and averaged just over a month. Druid Hills homes were on the market a bit longer, at approximately 1 ½ months.   Homes in Avondale took the longest to sell averaging 3 months.

Sales Price to List Price was strong in all neighboring areas. East Lake came in with the highest SP/LP, surpassing Decatur at 99.8%! Decatur and Kirkwood were tied for second at 98.4% SP/LP.

Not surprisingly, the highest average sales price was in Druid Hills, closely followed by Decatur. Kirkwood and East Lake came in 3rd and 4th, respectively and were very close in Average Sales Price. Medlock and Avondale rounded out the group hovering just above and just below $250,000, respectively.

While these numbers give us an interesting look at neighboring markets, keep in mind the small number of homes sold in some areas can lead skewed numbers if there is an outlier in the category (i.e. days on market, sales price).  We’ll take another look at the data after the 2nd Quarter numbers are in.

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Photo courtesy of Historic Kirkwood website

Female Jogger Attacked in Kirkwood Earlier This Week

Sug passes along this information Atlanta Police’s Major Dalton, Zone 6 Commander…

On November 17, 2010 at approximately 8:30 p.m., a female was attacked while jogging on Ridgedale at Hillcrest. The victim was grabbed from behind and drug into a wooded area on the northeast side of Ridgedale after she crossed Hillcrest. Due to the time of night and the way in which she was attacked she is unable to provide a detailed description of the suspect.

The Departments Special Victims Unit will be handling the case and would appreciate any information residents in the neighborhood can provide. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email me directly.

Kirkwood Resident Shot While Working in Yard

“S” posted this comment yesterday, but it got stuck in moderation.  The AJC reported on the incident this morning, but some details differed from the account below.

Earlier today a Kirkwood resident was working in his yard when he was approached by 2 young black males, at least one armed with a handgun, demanding money. When the victim stated he did not have any, he was shot multiple times and currently undergoing surgery.

The shooting occured at Ridgedale Road near Branham Park.

One black female and two black males, traveling together in a bright red Kia SUV, partial tag # 4247.

– 1st black male dreadlocks multi-colored shirt appeared to very young.

– 2nd black male wearing a blue shirt appeared to very young.

– black female, no description

If you see this vehicle, please contact the police.

Valencia Hudson – Public Safety Liaison for Councilmember Natalyn Archibong