Irish Pub “Dick Mack’s” Coming To Decatur Square

Rus sends in a note found on The Schmacher Restaurant Real Estate Brokers website announcing a new Irish Pub coming to the Square.

New Eats in Decatur: A new concept is coming to the former location of Saba in downtown Decatur. Restaurateur Andy England has purchased the former eatery at 111 Sycamore, St. and will transform it into Dick Mack’s , an Irish Pub, said Steve Josovitz vice president of restaurant brokerage at the The Shumcher Group, Inc.

All due credit, DarenW was first to report on this back when Saba moved to Oakhurst, but now we have a pub name.

The Angel To Become an "Irish Pub"

I’ve gotten a few inquiries lately regarding the fate of The Angel building, sitting lonely and vacant at the Western end of Ponce, with only the occasional contractor or parked car to keep it company.

The masses are getting restless.

Speaking as a Ponce Heights resident, it seems I’d gotten a little too used to having such a close option for food and drink. Especially on a Sunday, Little Azio and Tastings are the closest options, and they seem miles away. (I know…my life is so difficult)

But I’ve made my bed and have to lie in it. I got a little ticked at the Angel upon their closing (for reasons I won’t rehash) and since then I’ve had to sit idly by and bite my tongue while slow progress was made on the building’s renovation. (I think The Angel sign just came down a few weeks ago)

But finally we have a tidbit! And we’re so starved for any info on this place, just a little rumble of info classifies as major news/rumor to me. Though we’d been hearing things about it being turned into a “chef-inspired restaurant”, Jeff at Whit’s End tells us that the owner of the property says the Angel will become an “Irish pub”. It ain’t much in terms of detail…but it brings a smile to my face. A pub would be most welcome.

So let’s bury the hatchet and start over Angel. Especially since it seems that we need each other.

More details as they surface.