Decatur: Only 10 Power Issues Left to Resolve; Debris Collection Will “Take Several Weeks”

Here’s the latest update from the City of Decatur…

Today, the City of Decatur started out with 73 out of 110 issues resolved, leaving 37 on the list.  By 3:30 p.m., the list was down to 10.  With the exception of the Early Childhood Learning Center, which should have power this afternoon, all of the CSD schools have power.  Transportation of Westchester Elementary students to Decatur High went great and the students enjoyed the adventure.

All of the large power outages have been resolved.  There are spot and smaller scale areas that are still without power.  The Oakland/Fairview and Oldfield/McKinnon neighbors are the main smaller areas that are still without power.  The city is working with Georgia Power to get those addressed as soon as possible.  Lucerne/Geneva has a tree and pole down, but the wires never lost power.  In order to repair the pole and remove the tree, the power will have to be shut off for some period of time.  Regretfully this will have to be done in order to get the repair completed.

Grounds crews are working to get to the larger piles of debris left during the power restoration process and will continue to get to those through the end of the week. We are targeting the Safe Routes to School and School Crossings.

Tomorrow (Friday) we will provide specific information on collecting yard debris and sanitation collection. We expect that debris collection will take several weeks, if not much longer.

Decatur Dealing With “Over 100 Tree Issues” from Hurricane Irma

Here’s the latest on the power outages still plaguing Decatur, from the city…

The City of Decatur experienced over 100 tree issues during the period when Tropical Storm Irma came through on Monday.  Beginning yesterday (Tuesday) morning our priorities were to clear major transportation routes of downed trees and to work with Georgia Power to assist them in getting power on for as many residents and businesses as possible.

Today (Wednesday) our priorities are to work with Georgia Power to get power restored in areas where school facilities are located, including Westchester and Clairemont Elementary Schools and College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center.

It is possible that the area in the western part of the City along West Ponce de Leon and East and West Parkwood area will not be addressed any sooner than tomorrow.

We will continue to clear major transportation corridors and then begin moving later today to secondary streets.  It is likely that our work on streets will continue through the rest of this week.

We know that power outages are disruptive and cause major problems.  Many of our own staff do not have power at their homes in the City so we have first-hand experience with the challenges and frustrations felt by residents and businesses.  While patience is running thin, please know that we are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Photo courtesy of City of Decatur – Government Facebook page

Storm Damage Around Every Other Turn in Decatur

A cursory glance around downtown Decatur and you might think things are almost back to normal after the Irma wind machine passed through town back on Monday.  Not a lot of structural damage.  Businesses have power.  Just get some of those traffic lights working and we’ll be back in business!  Right?

However, look a bit closer at the people and you’ll notice that something is very off.

Restaurant kitchen staff are exhausted from heavy crowds and restaurants are low – or plum out! – of food.  (“Another beer, sir?”  “Well, I need the calories, so yeah. Thanks.”)  Parents stare blankly into the distance, exhausted from their chaotic effort to empty the necessities out of the fridge when the power went out and racking their brains to figure out how to get their phone another fix of electricity.  And the children.  The kids seem lost, confused and looking desperately for anything to quell their boredom. What’s going on?

Decatur’s neighborhoods took the hit.

I took a quick run around the northside of the city this morning and was struck by how the extensive the storm damage from Hurricane Irma was in seemingly each neighborhood.

Honestly, I probably should have been a bit more prepared.  When I pulled up the city’s helpful map of road closures (as of 4p yesterday) I noticed that I would need to detour from each of my standard running routes to avoid a big red “road closed” dot.

And these aren’t small trees that are blocking these routes.  We’re talking big old trees that gave up the ghost in the passing storm.  Like the guy above, laying across Geneva Street in the Great Lakes.  Or this fella, resting off in the distance across Oakland Street.  The city continues to work to reopen each of these streets, but there are just a lot of trees down.

Meanwhile, maybe the most MAJOR of intersections in Decatur remains closed as crews continue to work on repairs at Scott Boulevard and Clairemont Ave.  As such, traffic is attempting to divert around it, resulting in full-on traffic jams on neighborhood streets, like this one on Superior Avenue in the Great Lakes. (FYI – Decatur PD was on the scene)

We’re into day 2 of recovery from Hurricane Irma.  Obviously there are many who have suffered much worse in the Irma’s wake.  Thank goodness most area grocery stores have reopened and that MARTA is back up and running, so many of our problems at this point are limited to inconvience.

Just one man’s account as a way to distract himself from the fact that he still doesn’t have power.

How are the rest of you all faring?

Live Blog: Hurricane Irma Recovery

UPDATE VI: as you likely already know, CSD is closed again tomorrow

UPDATE V: DeKalb County is saying it could be days before the full county has power restored…

Georgia Power Working to Restore Service to 161,000 in DeKalb

DECATUR, Ga. – As of 9 a.m., approximately 161,000 Georgia Power customers in DeKalb were without power, nearly half of the utility’s 318,000 customers in the county.

As a result of widespread damage and power outages due to high winds, heavy rain and fallen trees, Georgia Power officials predict restoration of electricity could take several days.

To expedite repairs throughout the state, Georgia Power is responding to the outages with approximately 5,500 personnel from the company, other Southern Company operating companies and assisting utilities.

Once conditions are safe, damage assessment teams will enter the field and begin the restoration process, followed by repair crews.

Customers are urged to avoid all downed power lines and remember that dangerous electrical currents can travel through standing water and wet soil.

Georgia Power crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore service to all impacted areas.

To report an outage, call 1-888-891-0938.

For up-to-date information about the Tropical Storm Irma recovery efforts in DeKalb, go to

UPDATE IV: From Decatur PD this morning regarding the closing of major streets in Decatur…

Main road closures: Scott Boulevard is closed between Coventry Road and Ridley Circle. South Candler Street is closed between Midway Road and West Davis Street. West Howard Avenue is closed between Commerce Drive and Atlanta Avenue.  UPDATE UPDATE: We hear that Scott is now reopened

And here’s a pic of the intersection of Scott and Clairemont from PMcG…

UPDATE III: Sounds like many Downtown Decatur businesses are up and running today.  We’ve already heard that Waffle House, ChicFilA, Sweet Melissa’s, Java Monkey, Starbucks, Souper Jenny, and Revolution Doughnuts are all open.

UPDATE II: Update us on the status of coffee shops.  Dancing Goats wrote on Instagram this morning that they are open.  Others?

Mini-SUB-UPDATE: Long line at Dancing Goats, but it’s moving at a steady clip!

UPDATE IFrom what I can deduce thus far, MARTA is back up and running and over 7,600 people are without power in 30030 according to GA power 150,000 people are currently without power in DeKalb County.

Hope everyone is doing alright this morning.  Lots of assessment and clean up to do.  Lots of power out. Trees down.

Use this thread to talk about any of those things.  Also business openings/closings, etc.

Also, here’s what the City sent out last night, regarding city hall hours today, trash pick up schedule adjustments, downed trees and permits.

City of Decatur offices are scheduled to open for normal operations, Tuesday, September 12.

Active Living and Children & Youth Services

Ebster and Decatur Recreation Centers will open at noon. All Active Living activities will begin at noon as well.

All other aquatic centers, community recreation centers, gyms, senior centers, plus fields and natural fields located in parks, will be closed.

After school activities are canceled, Tuesday, September 12.

Board Meetings

  • Better Together Advisory Board meeting will take place tomorrow, September 12 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Zoning Board of Appeals meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, September 25.

Trash and Recycling Pickup Rescheduled

Due to severe weather conditions and because the DeKalb County landfill will be closed on Tuesday, solid waste and recycling services for this week have been rescheduled.

Monday Regular Service- trash and recycling will be collected on Wednesday, Sept. 13

Tuesday Regular Service- trash and recycling will be collected on Thursday, Sept. 14

Thursday & Friday Regular Service- trash and recycling will be collected on Friday, Sept. 15

Down Trees and Power lines

There are trees down throughout the city, some involving live power lines. Georgia Power cannot respond until the high winds pass. Call 911 to report wires and trees down. DO NOT call 911 to report power outages. The rain and wind is expected to continue for the rest of the evening and into tomorrow morning. PLEASE shelter in place.

Tomorrow morning when it becomes safe for our crews to use equipment, the City’s priority will be to get trees out of the roadway. Later in the week, we will remove debris from public spaces. Residents and businesses will need to prepare debris from private property for collection during regular service days.


We anticipate that inspectors and the building official will be in the field assisting with assessments of damaged properties. It is likely that permit applications for all but emergency repairs will not be accepted until Monday, September 18, 2017.

Hurricane Irma Open Thread

4:10p: Video of tree down and Clairemont/Scott Blvd intersection closed from Fox5.

4:03p: Report of structure fire in 100 block of Shadowmoor.

3:27p: Check gbkgwyneth’s comments in the comments section of this post for the latest reports of trees down across Decatur.  

3:20p: Just lost power on Nelson Ferry Rd.

3:13p: Outages climbing fast now.  Up to 4,800+ without power in 30030.

3:05p: Reports of trees down on Melrose, the 700 block of Sycamore and at Huron & Champlain.

3:02p: 7 mins later, 3800+ without power in 30030 according to GA Power.

2:55p: GA Power is reporting that currently approx. 3,000 residents in 30030 don’t have power.  Currently the map is showing that much of Oakhurst is without power.

2:32p: Reports of a tree down on a house on Madison Ave.

UPDATE X: Traffic light out at Commerce and West Ponce.

UPDATE IX: After hearing a transformer blow, now hearing reports of a tree down near Oakland and Fairview in Decatur.  Outage map shows over 500 customers in the area now without power.

UPDATE: VIII: Photos on Twitter of a huge tree down in Winnona Park

UPDATE VII: Steve reminds us that you can always check GA Power’s Outage Map if you want to see reported power outages in the Decatur/ATL area.

UPDATE VI: Decaturish has a good summary of incidents around DeKalb County so far today from the weather.

UPDATE V: Southwest has cancelled all flights after 1p today.  Delta has cancelled 800 ATL flights and leaves the door open to cancel more.

UPDATE IV: MARTA will not be running on Monday.

UPDATE III: City offices are closed tomorrow.  Also would assume many businesses will be closed, but we just saw that Little Shop will be closed tomorrow

UPDATE II: Decatur has cancelled trash and recycling pick up for Monday.  Tuesday pick up still TBD.

UPDATE I: City Schools of Decatur have announced they will be closed Monday and Tuesday due to the Hurricane.


Alright Atlanta/Decatur – time to pull together for another big weather event.  Use this thread to discuss any Hurricane related topics.  I’ll try to post updates of relevant news as I have it.

There are a lot of ways to get info these days – unlike the early days of this site – but we’ll try to keep this thread focused on the weather system coming through, so it can serve as a mini one-stop-shop.

If you haven’t read the city’s list of reminders and important #s, make sure you do.

Take all the necessary precautions and be safe, neighbors.

Decatur Sends Out Reminders and Important Phone #s In Prep For Hurricane Irma

The City of Decatur sent out this announcement today…

As Hurricane Irma is slated to make its way to the metro Atlanta area early next week, Decatur is preparing residents for potential heavy rains and strong winds that may cause downed trees and loss of power.

Currently, all city buildings are scheduled to be open as normal on Monday and Tuesday.

The city has provided the following reminders to all residents:

Important phone numbers

  • If you see hazardous or unsafe conditions in Decatur that are not life threatening, call the non-emergency number 404-373-6551.
  • If you are in a life-threatening situation, call 911.
  • Power outages or trees on power lines should be reported directly to Georgia Power: 1-888-891-0938.


  • Register now or update your Smart911 profile at You can opt-in for severe weather and other notifications as well as create or update your Smart911 profile with any special medical concerns (such as a household member who uses medical equipment that requires electricity).
  • Make sure you have at least a three-day supply of necessities, including food, water, batteries, medicines and special things like diapers and pet food.
  • If you live in the Northeastern corner of the City please delay setting out your recycling bins until next week if at all possible so that bins don’t blow away or become hazards.
  • If we begin to experience heavy rain, the potential for flooding and downed trees greatly increases. We ask that you please do not park on the street if you have off street parking available, in order to keep the roadways clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Charge all cell phones and put fresh batteries in emergency radios. When contacting loved ones, a text message is more likely to get through than a phone call.
  • Secure patio and lawn furniture.
  • Download the FEMA smartphone app for additional tips and emergency information.
  • And do not forget to be neighborly and take a few minutes to check on the seniors in your neighborhood and bring all pets inside.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia