Keyboard Cat Rocks Decatur

Decatur resident Moey, who’s Candy-Voting Machine went national last year (seriously, he was on CNN), this year took to Decatur’s streets as Youtube sensation “Keyboard Cat”.

Love it!

Moey Goes Global

Since first being featured on Decatur Metro, human candy voting booth, Moey, has become a Halloween sensation.  First it was a feature spread in AccessAtlanta; now his mom Mindy (a.k.a “altmod”) directs us back to, where there are links to interviews Moey has done with both XM Satellite Radio POTUS ’08 and XM Kids. (He’s one smart cookie!)

If that wasn’t enough, there’s even talk that 11Alive might cover Moey’s canvasing of Ponce Heights on Halloween night AND a potential segment on CNN Headline News.

We’ll keep you updated!

Oh…and let me throw one more humorous, “I’m so clever!” costume suggestion on the pile:  Have a 6 hour line of voters trail along behind him…sort of like those Verizon network commercials.

Candy Voting Machine Ready For the Big Day

Altmod lets us know that Moey’s candy voting machine is now fully operational and ready for Election Day…I mean Halloween!

Additionally, Moey’s costumes from previous years are online here.  The stuffable pinata is not to be missed!

Halloween Costume Suggestions

For all the procrastinators out there that still need a Halloween costume, this classic Adam Sandler bit offers some suggestions.[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.437316&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Give me some candy!