Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Cyclists To Ride Through Unresponsive Red Lights

640px-Atlanta_CyclingCreative Loafing reports on the various bills that Governor Nathan Deal has vetoed this year, and it includes a bill that we highlighted here back during the legislative session that would allow cyclists and motorcyclists to ride through unresponsive red lights.

Here’s Governor Deal’s reasoning according to CL…

Veto Number 1

SB 76 Senate Bill 76 would allow motorcycle and bicycle operators to enter an intersection without providing a definitive regard to the traffic signal in instances where the lightweight nature of their vehicle will not activate a traffic-control device. While I am sympathetic to the concerns and causes of motorcyclists and bicyclists, this legislation does not provide an adequate solution and presents a confusing exception to motorists. Furthermore, Senate Bill 76 would eliminate the current 15-inch height restriction placed on motorcycle handlebars. Motorcycles equipped with handlebars more than 15 inches in height pose a safety hazard due to the increased difficulty in steering and decreased control. In 2014, crashes involving motorcycles and bicycles accounted for 13 percent of the fatalities on Georgia roads, and I do not see how this legislation will enhance roadway safety. Therefore, in the interest of providing the necessary roadway safety Georgians deserve, I hereby VETO Senate Bill 76.

Photo “Atlanta Cycling” by Tim – Flickr: Canyon. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Legislature Gives Bikers Legal Option at Unresponsive Red Lights

640px-Atlanta_CyclingOne of the ongoing complaints among cyclists over the years when discussing the old evergreen discussion, “Should cyclists be able to proceed through red lights?”, has to do with a lack of legal alternatives when your bike doesn’t trigger a red light.

Well the legal landscape of this situation could soon change, if Gov. Nathan Deal signs a bill passed this session by the Georgia Legislature.

WABE reports that the General Assembly passed a bill that makes it legal for cyclists and motorcyclists to proceed through red lights if they don’t believe their bike is triggering the stoplight.  Bikers are still required to make a complete stop at intersections and the burden of proof will be on them if their actions result in an accident.

The bill also makes it the law that cars stop for pedestrians in crosswalks with flashing signals.

Photo “Atlanta Cycling” by Tim – Flickr: Canyon. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons