That Loud, Elusive Neighbor Friday Night was the 420 Fest

In case anyone didn’t catch this in FFAF over the weekend, there was a rather funny phenomenon taking place all over Decatur on Friday night, with many residents asking themselves and their relations, “What is that music playing one street over?!  Really the nerve of some people!”  Here’s a taste of the comments made here…

“we were convinced it was a neighbor a street over having a party.”, said Nubbs.

“Could have sworn it was coming from 3rd. But it was definitely a band and it was loud.” said Oakhurstmama.

“We are way up in NW Decatur and my daughter couldn’t fall asleep because of the noise.” lamented AHID.

“we are on melrose and it was sound loud we assumed it was someone on parkwood having a big party.”

“Live near thinking man tavern and it could be heard inside our house.”

So what was this phantom party that could be heard all over Decatur, but even “the police were saying that they were having difficulty finding the source.”?

As it turns out, it was mostly likely George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic playing all the way over in Candler Park at the 420 Fest!  It sure is crazy how far sound can travel given the right conditions and the decibel level!