Art, Architecture and a Freakin’ Chicken!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “The only thing that would make friend-of-DM Chadwick Stogner’s building behind The Marlay any more awesome is if it was filled with art, had a DJ, offered cheap PBR, and featured a sealed room exhibit complete with a live chicken (or rooster or something),” then you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what’s going on.

Beginning last night and continuing through this evening, the “Gate Called Beautiful” building is serving as a most righteous gallery space for “Blood Brother,” a really groovy show by artist Cooper Sanchez.

I didn’t know a whole lot about Sanchez going in, but I really enjoyed his work. And for good reason, it turns out, because my positive, first impressions were later confirmed, thanks to this quote from him on

“There are so many negative connotations that go along with ‘artist’ — I guess from my family and growing up and I knew so many self-centered artists that rubbed me the wrong way — it never seemed cool to me. I wish there was another term. I just do creative projects. I guess I am an artist, I just think artists can be obnoxious.”

A shy, creative artist who produces absorbing work and who abhors pretension! What could be better? Not a whole lot, as far as I’m concerned. Do yourself a favor and drop by the Beautiful building Friday night between 7 and 11. Park at the Post Office, you’ll thank me. And make time to walk down the spooky hidden path along the east side of the building. It presents outstanding opportunities to pretend you’ve traveled to another time. Or fool around with your date.

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