Ice Cream Shop Planned for Froyolo Location on Decatur Square


This might not come as a surprise to many of you who’ve hung out on Decatur Square in the last month or so, but the yogurt shop – Froyolo – has closed.

In response to inquiry, the City’s Catherine Lee tells us that the owners of Best Time next door say the space is being renovated to become an ice cream shop in the near future.

High School Students Document “Yogurt Wars” in Downtown Decatur

Bruce sends along this great little production created by some high school students in a Learning Tribe documentary film class.  According to Bruce, the creation of this video was “a fledgling effort in front of and behind the camera for the students.”

Nice work everyone!

Yogurt Wars from Bruce Miller on Vimeo.

More Frozen Yogurt Coming to Decatur

Looks like the Mac Magee’s wait staff was right about the partial renovation of the old Trust Building on Decatur Square.  Tomorrow’s News Today reports

Froyolo will soon open on the Decatur Square. Similar to Swirlin’ Twirlin’ which opened last year on West Ponce, Froyo is attempting to come ITP after launching OTP. I’ve only been to their Sugarloaf location which I think was their first but Froyolo also has locations in Dacula and Hamilton Mill. Swirlin’ Swirlin’ is based in Flowery Branch.