Old Tyler Perry Studio in Inman Park Being Converted to House “West Coast Market”

Oh Decatur, where are your defunct movie studio spaces to do these sorts of things?  Wheatley we-ports

An Atlanta developer plans to transform Tyler Perry’s old production facility and warehouse near the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail into a mixed-use development centered around a 12,000 square-foot, west coast-style marketand restaurants. The redevelopment, titled Krog Street Market, would eventually include housing on the complex’s south end.Paces Properties in late October closed on several adjacent parcels in Inman Park near the Beltline, including: the Stove Works, the vibrant dining and office complex; Tyler Perry’s old 66,000 square-foot studio at the intersection of Krog Street and Lake Avenue; and several smaller adjacent parcels. According to commercial real-estate research firm Databank, Paces paid $13.4 million for the combined nine acres.

Well, at least it’ll be accessible via quick trip on MARTA followed by a short walk until someone dreams up and funds that Inman Park to Decatur streetcar line!

Decatur Awarded $2.1 Million for C-Streets Ped/Biking Improvements

Thomas Wheatley – famed trustafarian of the “wheat” family dynasty – reports on Fresh Loaf that the Atlanta Regional Commission has announced a new round of grant-recipients for the Livable Centers Initiative.  Along with a $4 million grant for the Beltline to build a ramp that connects with Ponce (near Ponce City Market aka City Hall East aka the old Sears Warehouse) is a $2.1 million grant for the City of Decatur towards our Clairemont/Commerce/Church Street pedestrian and biking improvements.  According to the Amber Waves of Wheatley, the grants require a local match.

Other area recipients include: Doraville, New Peachtree Bike and Pedestrian Improvements ($2.3 million), Midtown Atlanta, Juniper Street Bike and Pedestrian Facilities ($3.4 million) DeKalb County, Lake Hearn Drive, Perimeter Summit Parkway, Parkside Place Bike and Pedestrian Facilities ($3.1 million), DeKalb, Tucker Streetscape, ($960,000).

What’s a $2.1 million grant mean for the timeline of this Decatur project?  Guess I’ll just have to ask the city!

New Georgia License Plates Just Peachy

Oh delicious blog-fodder – you are truly worth your weight in pixels!

I’ve never understood why Georgia’s license plates weren’t a bit more artsy compared to neighboring states.  I thought that perhaps there was some sort of convict-union agreement with the state that Georgia license plates remain pretty basic, with at most a little square picture of cats and dogs kissing or a Georgia Aquarium logo.  (What?  Convicts don’t hammer out license plates on rocks anymore?  Seriously, authenticity is truly dead.)

Anyway, it seems like Georgia is finally getting into the snazzy license plate race, with eight, very orange contenders looking to become the state’s official generic tag.   The state is asking for internet savvy residents to vote on their favorite plate with the winner announced July 15th.

I don’t know about you, but the top-right plate with the moldy peach and the Atlanta skyline juxtaposed against a giant chicken processing facility is really speaking to me!

h/t: Fresh Loaf

Threatened MARTA Buses To Sport Red “X” Tomorrow

Thomas Wheatley reports on Fresh Loaf that “All day tomorrow, buses and trains that are slated to get cut will be marked with a red “X” to show what the metro region stands to lose should the Gold Dome fail to act.”  Smart move.

According to this flyer (pdf), MARTA advocates will rally at Five Points Station tomorrow from 10a-12p and 6p-8p to encourage Georgia’s uninterested legislature to do something, ANYTHING, to help out Atlanta’s beleaguered transit agency.

Pic is from the flyer [h/t to Fresh Loaf for that too]