Small Dog Found on Decatur Post Office Property

Joe at Feather Baby writes in…

Please tell our neighbors I found this sweet little guy at the Post Office on Ponce yesterday afternoon. He’s a small terrier mix, about the size of a house cat.
Friendly and well-behaved, this dog seems to be well cared for and I image his owners miss him very much.  Maybe he escaped from the nearby dog run. If any readers recognize him, please shoot me an email.
You can reach Joe at [email protected]

UPDATED: Hound Mix Dog Found Wandering Scott Boulevard on Friday


UPDATE:  Pup has been reunited with her owner!  Thanks all!

Aby writes in…

We found this sweet girl wandering on Scott Boulevard near the intersection with Superior Friday evening. This is the second time we have seen her wandering there this week but we can’t find her owners. We knocked on doors and took her to the vet to see if there was a microchip but no luck. She has a collar but no tag. Super sweet and friendly. Does anyone recognize her? Please call 404-668-7032 if you know who she belongs to. We have a beast of our own so will have to take her to the shelter on Saturday if we don’t find her owners.

Small White Dog on Found DeKalb Industrial, Another Pup Still Lost



Chad sent along this flyer for a dog he recently found on DeKalb Industrial.

Also, continue to be on the look out for this pup who been missing since July 5th.

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Found Dog Looking To Go Home (or For a Home)


LBJ writes in…

Could you please help this puppy find a home?

We found him in Decatur Heights yesterday. He’s a friendly puppy with tags that say he has his shots, but no identification information. No microchip. We cannot keep him for more than a day, if that, but he’s a keeper if anybody can claim him or can take him in. 404/862-3234

Dog Found in Oakhurst Park


Allison writes in…

Male dog, appears to be a very sweet pit bull mix found this morning in Oakhurst Park. He is currently safe but I am sure he is ready to be home. Please call Sharon at 404-274-0605 if this is your dog or you know who he belongs to.

Small Dog Found in Winnona Park


Cyndi sends along this note from a neighbor…

Found Dog

This chihuahua mix found his way to Kirk Road during the past week. He seems friendly but had not had recent vet care, was hungry and was not wearing ID tags. Anyone with information about this lost chihuahua please email [email protected]

White Poodle Mix Found on Mimosa Drive

Darren writes in…

I found a dog within the 300 block of Mimosa Drive. It is a white poodle or poodle mix with a red collar and no tags. I knocked on doors in the area and couldn’t find the owner. Can you please post message letting people know it has been found and brought to dekalb animal control to see if it has been chipped. Thanks!