Farm Burger to Open Wednesday

UPDATE: Owners have confirmed a Wednesday opening.  Taking the “?” out of the post title.

Ketchup and mustard has been on the tables at Farm Burger since mid-last week.  Ramon writes in with the inevitable…

Saw this afternoon that FarmBurger was having an opening house for “Friends & Family.” According to the hostess they are hoping to open this Wednesday, April 21.

Carl is reporting a similar line on Twitter.  I’ve got an email in to the owners to confirm.

Confirmed: Farm Burger Owned & Operated by Athens’ Farm 255

UPDATE II: Menu details, again from Farm 255 owner Olivia Sargeant…

a simple menu, including other proteins such as chicken and pork and lamb (also pasture or forest raised, and from our regional farmer-partners). there will be salads and vegetarian options, chef-driven sides and condiments like “marrownaise” and housemade ketchup, kid-friendly fried things like onion rings and okra, and seasonal veggies too. organic milk milkshakes and root beer floats and the like…things that make us all happy.

farm burger will be beer & wine only and like all new places we will cross our fingers that the powers that be award us our coveted license in time for our opening, as we’ve done our due diligence. beer will be like-minded to our food and highlight local folks, artisanal methods, and unique offerings. the can will be ubiquitous, as it’s less wasteful and more fun.

UPDATE: Here’s a response I just received from Farm 255’s owner…

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Farm Burger Is Coming

After conflicting rumors as to its fate AFTER some debate over a needed parking variance, Carl posted this pic on Flickr verifying that Farm Burger is indeed moving into the old Viola Voila Space on West Ponce.  There’s been a good deal of action around the space over the past 2 weeks, but they must have just put up the signs.

Farm Burger does have a website, but no menu thus far.  Just a newsletter sign-up.

Farm Burger Parking Variance Approved

This past Monday, the Zoning Board of Appeals approved Farm Burger’s parking variance to set up shop in the old Voila space at 410 West Ponce de Leon Ave.

The request was tabled in November and the applicant, WPD Center, was asked to return after complying with the required public notice procedures.  At the time, a handful of area residents submitted letters (pages 22 & 23) asking the ZBA to deny the application.

However, with the applicant now in compliance with the public notice procedures, a variance, which includes a shared parking agreement with Sharian Inc. and First Christian Church of Decatur, was approved on Monday, .  The ZBA added the following new conditions…

– Signage shall be placed at the front of the property that indicates the location of off- site parking and the hours of availability,

– The shared parking agreements with the First Christian Church of Decatur and Sharian, Inc. submitted with the application shall be revised to include notice to the city if the parking agreement is changed or terminated,

– The variance is limited to this application and the Farm Burger tenant, and

– Employee ID cards will be visible in or on the employee’s car parked at the First Christian Church.

Neil Dobbs recused himself from the ZBA vote, presumably because he lives in the adjoining neighborhood where parking has become a rather contentious topic.

h/t: TheDNO