Holiday Movie Night on West Ponce Cancelled, But Farm Burger Offers Alternative

From The Decatur Minute…

Due to uncertain weather conditions tomorrow afternoon, Movie Night on West Ponce is canceled. The next West Ponce Movie Night will take place in the spring. Stay tuned to the Decatur Focus and City of Decatur’s Facebook page early next year for more details.

But fret not, sweet neighbors!  The big orange cow is coming to the rescue.  Farm Burger will still have their planned activities (Bier Garten, Cookie Decorating, Snow Machine) and will project a movie at the restaurant. Festivities will start at 5:30, and the movie at 6:30.

Farm Burger Heading to Asheville

Tomorrow’s News Today reports that Farm Burger’s next location won’t be inside the Atlanta metro area.  Heck it won’t even be located in the state of Georgia.

According to TNT, Farm Burger is following in the steps of another Decatur staple, Universal Joint, and opening a fourth location in Asheville, NC.   Farm Burger will be located in the “historic Leader building”, which looks like it was just sold in January.

TNT goes on…

George Frangos, founder of Farm Burger, has been scouting other southern cities for his planned expansion outside of Atlanta and sees Asheville as a good secondary market considering its similarities to Decatur, home of the original Farm Burger.

So the question is: Is Asheville becoming “Decatur North”?  Or is Decatur becoming “Asheville South”?

Photo courtesy of lumierefl via Flickr

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

There’s a bunch of new signs popping up around town. Or maybe not new, but new to me and to DM. And that counts. Here are some notables.

Retail Conversion?
When One Decatur Town Center was built in 1984, replacing the former Candler Hotel, downtown was pretty darn dead. Unless you count the hookers, that is. Or so I’ve been told. Either way, while the city’s vision called for development that would contribute to a new “Main Street” lined with shops and restaurants, the market economics of the day said, “no.” So, the building was built in such a way that the ground floor could be leased for office space until such time that the retail market improved, upon which the space could be retrofitted to assume its intended use. 25+ years later, we might finally be there.

At least that’s what’s suggested by this first picture. Any of our regular insiders know more? My personal assessment is that such a conversion would add even more interest to this stretch of Ponce, which has already assumed the role of one of our most charming downtown blocks. And there’s certainly historic precedent, such as the retail space that originally occupied the ground floor of the Pythagoras Mason Temple Building.

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Farm Burger Expanding to Buckhead This Summer

From a Farm Burger newsletter sent out late last night…


Yes that’s right, you read it correctly: we will open our second location in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood at 3365 Piedmont Road, in Tower Place, and plan to be open in summer 2011. We can’t wait to expand from our original Decatur location and bring our local, farm-sourced, grassfed burgers and fixins to a new side of the city. Decatur, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you, we promise we will continue to stoke you out.

Same menu, same beef, same seasonal goodness from local and sustainable farms available everyday, including our own Full Moon Farms and Moonshine Meats. For news on construction and opening, please subscribe to our blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

More details about the expansion can be devoured HERE.

Farm Burger Makes Another National “Best Burger” List

Farm Burger, along with Buckhead’s Holeman & Finch, seem to be racking up the burger accolades this year.  And not just around Atlanta.

The latest comes from the well-known “Serious Eats” blog, which places Farm Burger’s burger among the likes of national classics like California’s In-and-Out Burger.  Here’s the Farm Burger write-up, from Serious Eats’ Atlanta corespondent…

Tucked away in a trendy Atlanta suburb, Farm Burger’s hook is their eco-friendly mentality: from locally-raised, grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free cows to the garden-fresh veggies, all the way down to compostable containers. Yes, it’s a burger joint that locavores can feel good about, but there’s plenty for carnivores to sink their teeth into as well. Build your own burger from an impressive toppings roster or go with one of their Blackboard Burgers. I decided to work up a Number Six on ’em (insert your favorite Blazing Saddles quote here): house-cured bacon, pepper jack cheese, salsa verde, and a sunny-side-up egg, all bookended by maybe the best bun I’ve ever had. I don’t know about that cow’s carbon footprint, but I can say it made for the best burger I ate this year.

Thanks to FMFats for pointing this out!

Farm Burger and Holeman & Finch Serve Up Country’s Best Burgers

According to Food & Wine magazine, both Decatur’s Farm Burger and Buckhead’s Holeman & Finch serve up two of the top 25 burgers in the nation.

Here are the associated blurbs.  First FB…

Farm Burger (topped with Grafton smoked white cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a special house sauce).

This farm-to-table burger spot grinds its grass-fed, dry-aged and locally sourced meat daily. The “build it” option includes unexpected toppings like cured lardo, oxtail marmalade and roasted bone marrow.

And now H&F…

Star chef Linton Hopkins announces “burger time”—10 p.m.—with the ringing of two bull horns; that’s when two dozen grass-fed beef burgers are up for grabs and consistently sold out within minutes. The burgers are also available on the Sunday brunch menu.

Photo courtesy of Food & Wine

Organic Bike Parking Along West Ponce

Strolling down West Ponce this afternoon, I counted six bikes locked to posts and signs along in front of Farm Burger.  Combined with the numerous bikes often locked to the railing at The Marlay and to signs and trees in front of Dancing Goats, it seems like “Low-cater” could probably support a bike rack or two.

Just sayin’.  🙂