Feel the Atlanta Beltline, See the Changes

I’ve read a lot about the Beltline over the past few years, but even after pouring over countless maps, mock-ups and written descriptions it’s still quite difficult to get a great FEEL the Atlanta loop without walking it.

Well, here’s the next best thing.  Beltline-advocate extraordinaire Angel Luis Poventud has created a Facebook album of 56 Before/After photos along the currently under-construction East Trail.  It’s so great, it’ll make you wish the Beltline passed right through Decatur!

Photo above courtesy of Angel’s album – from Freedom Parkway looking south

Red Shoes Is At It Again

Daren Wang writes on Facebook

Whenever you get a bunch of Decaturites in a room, they’ll eventually say “You know what this town needs? It needs an XXXXXX!”

Well, there are some folks bringing something very much like XXXXXX to town. I’m not saying what it is, but there’s an announcement coming in the next week about Decatur’s new cool c…ultural entity.

In the meantime, put November 20th on your calendar. Trust me on this.

Such a tease.

Decatur Metro Facebook Fan Page

After many months of procrastination, I finally got around to creating a Facebook fan page for DM.

Become a fan and you’ll receive alerts on FB when new info is posted on DM.  Plus it’s an easy way to come out of the closet to your extended family about being a suffering DM addict! (Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this terrible psychosis.)

"You Might Be From Decatur, GA If…"

Cherie sends along this humorous list from a Facebook page maintained by a former DHS student called “You Might Be From Decatur, GA If…”. Numbers 5, 7, 10 and 22 are my favorites.

You might be from Decatur, GA if…

1) you think Gwinettians and Cobbites are horrible drivers.
2) you’ve played on that huge vent thing in the Square when you were little.
3) you struggle to come up with traits that people from Decatur have in common.
4) you have ever contemplated stealing from the CVS (note: this is not condoning theft from said store)
5) you know tons of shortcuts to get from Clairemont to Scott, Scott to Church, Church to Ponce, etc.
6) you drive in a huge circle around the square even if you’re destination is right on the other side of it.
7) you or your parents have fought over school funding, city elections, or development like it was a matter of life or death.
8 ) you’ve ever executed questionably legal maneuvers to avoid sitting for 15 minutes at a red light.
9) you’ve ever had a really butch woman ask you where “Her sister’s room” is.
10) you’ve ever been told off for being on a playground at a highly inappropriate age/time of night.

Read numbers 11-33 after the jump… Continue reading “"You Might Be From Decatur, GA If…"”