CSD Students Won’t Be In School on Election Day This Year

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You may recall back in our Super Tuesday open thread that  a commenter expressed concern about schools being open and simultaneously acting as polling places that are open to the public on voting days.

Now CSD has announced it will move a Professional Learning Day in November, to coincide with Election Day, so students aren’t in school.  Superintendent Dude wrote on Facebook late yesterday…

The 2016-17 Calendar has been updated with one small change; the professional learning day previously scheduled for Nov. 1st has been moved to Nov. 8th in order to coincide with election day. This change will allow our schools to serve as polling places without students being present. The 2016-17 school year will still start 8/1/16 and end 5/26/17.

Election Day Open Thread

Here we go.  Should be an interesting Election Day.  No Decatur City Commission seats up for reelection this time, but we’ve got glose races for the Governor’s seat and U.S. Senate. Decatur resident Valarie Wison up for State Superintendent. Clayton County’s voting on MARTA. Etc, etc.

Use this thread to report lines at polling stations, ballot questions, etc etc.

Don’t know your precinct?  Click here!

Election Day Open Thread

It’s that time of year again!  Open Thread for Election Day!

How are the lines at the polls?  How’d ya like that ballot? etc…

Election Day Open Thread

It’s a cold and wet Election Day in the State o’ Georgia.  (Insert other token obvious observations)

Use this open thread to report issues at your polling precincts (I’m already hearing about voter ID machines down in Oakhurst), wait times to vote, or just to complain about the weather.

If you still don’t know where you need to vote, you can access the State’s voter webpage to pull up the address of your assigned precinct.  Happy voting Decatur!

Election Day: Open Thread

Well, after 21 months, we’ve finally reached the big day.

Feel free to use this thread to report the length of lines at your voting precincts, vent your general anxiety, or just to discuss how much your going to miss political ads, robocalls, and SNL.

I’m off to vote!

Gearing Up For Election Day Voting

Unlike so many of my friends, neighbors, coworkers and 35% of Georgia’s electorate, I didn’t want to vote early.  I kept my mouth shut, since it seemed like an unpopular position with so many folks out in force telling everyone to “vote early!” and whatnot.  I didn’t want to ruin their 2-10 hour line fun.  (Incidentally, that line on Ponce last night at 7p was ridiculous; though the AJC did later report that all votes were cast by 10:45p)

But there’s just something about early voting to me that’s a bit of a buzz kill.  I want to get in a line on Election Day, be thoroughly inconvenienced, go to work really late, tell everyone my war stories of long lines and then go home and anticipate 7p when GA will be one of the first states to report results (if all goes well).

I’m not arguing the importance of early voting, especially for those that can’t take the time off from work or other responsibilities so easily.  And if the lines on Election Day are even worse than those of early/advance voting (though I highly doubt it), perhaps I’ll feel a little guilty.

But for this one, really important election, I’d rather soak it all in on the big day.