Atlanta Food Critics Gang Up and Love On Decatur

Geez…remember when there was an actual conversation about the best food neighborhood in the Atlanta metro?  Apparently that battle has been waged and won if you ask Atlanta food critics, as Eater did to round out ol’ 2013.  Here’s a pinch…

Q: What was the best dining neighborhood in 2013?
Austin Louis Ray, writer:
If there’s a neighborhood in the Atlanta metro area that beats the food-and-drink murderer’s row—Taqueria, Farm Burger, Chai Pani, The Pinewood, Sawicki’s, Brick Store, 246, Leon’s, Cakes & Ale, Victory, Paper Plane, Twain’s, Kimball House—in Decatur… Actually, there just isn’t.

Bob Townsend, Atlanta Journal Constitution:
Decatur for community, quality, diversity, walkability, drinkability and a MARTA stop smack dab in the middle of it all.

Jennifer Zyman, Creative Loafing:

John Kessler, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Decatur, because people are more and more heading into town first, then seeing where they can get a table or what kind of progressive meal they can assemble. It has a texture (and cocktail scene) unlike anywhere else in town.

And it keeps on going.  Check it…if you’re into such things.

Inside the Kimball House


Eater Atlanta posted a couple photos of the under-renovation interior of the Decatur Depot/Kimball House.  We’re posting one pic here with Dave Blanchard’s permission.

There’s also one other photo taken in the other direction over at the Eater website you may want to check out.

Dave told us last month that the build out would take approximately 4 months.


Victory Sandwich Bar Space on Church Street Will Actually House Two Different Restaurants

Michael points to this “Coming Attractions” post on Eater Atlanta...

From Paul Calvert and the Victory Sandwich Bar team comes a new restaurant and bar, Paper Plane. It’ll be located at the same address as the forthcoming Decatur Victory Sandwich Bar at 340 Church Street and will offer a full dinner menu in addition to drinks. The two restaurants will have separate entrances but will also be accessible from each other by a not at all secret door. Both are set to open later this year.