11Alive Features Decatur For “USA Today” Mention, Talks to Souper Jenny

11Alive’s Doug Richards did a nice piece on Decatur after USA Today ran its recent feature on the American Planning Association’s Great Neighborhoods being great spots for business travelers to check out.

The segment also includes a nice, little interview with Jenny Levison of Souper Jenny, as she works to open her new spot in the old Pita Pit space (Google streetview).

I’d embed the video in this post if I could, but I’m having some trouble making that happen for some reason.  Something funky with 11alive’s code, I think.

11Alive Features Adams Family Home Video of 1940-1950s Decatur

Shortly after we posted Allison’s first 1940s home video last week, 11Alive’s Doug Richards reached out to see if we could get him in touch with Allison so they could do a feature.  And here it is!

Local Electric Car Owner Arrested For Stealing 5 Cents Worth of Electricity in Chamblee

From 11Alive’s Doug Richards…

Here’s an additional 11Alive interview with Mr. Kamooneh.

11Alive’s Doug Richards Picks Up Decatur Chickens…Story

Yep.  That chicken (and goat!) story.

11Alive Talks CCP Games and Decatur’s Walkability

11Alive’s Doug Richards contacted me yesterday and inquired about Decatur’s recent accolade of being deemed “Georgia’s Most Walkable City” by Walkscore.com.  I rattled off a couple potential contacts and suggested that he also might want to include a “CCP Games Moving to Decatur” angle to make the story a bit more topical.  Above is the result. (Also, if you’ve been wondering about CCP Games current location, watch the video.)

Very nice work Doug!  I’m in awe of what you guys are capable of producing in just a few hours.

Rep. Hank Johnson Refusing to Debate Opponent

11Alive’s Doug Richards recently sat down with Rep. Hank Johnson and his Republican opponent Liz Carter about Johnson’s refusal up to this point to debate Carter prior to the November election.

I guess this sorta cements the fact that this particular election isn’t really about the debating the issues.  It’s about getting re-elected.

h/t: Political Insider

Changes to Decatur Booting Ordinance Hit Primetime

11Alive’s Doug Richards contacted me yesterday to get some background on this story and asked whether I was interested in giving a wrap-up of events on-camera that led up to the changes in the booting ordinance.  I declined, in large part, because of the wider controversy I helped create surrounding it.

But I did suggest he talk to Peggy Merriss and I’m happy to see he was able to get a couple quotes from her about the situation.

Also I love how Doug pops-out from behind the various parking signs during the segment.  Who knew a booting segment could be so humorous!?