UPDATE: DeKalb Water Main Break Open Thread

UPDATE: Decatur Schools are closed today.

Many Decatur residents woke up to no water this morning. And an announcement from the City Schools of Decatur that reads…

A county-wide water outage is impacting all of our schools. City Schools of Decatur will operate on a two-hour delay today, March 7, 2018, to give us time to assess the situation. All start times for schools and staff as well as scheduled bus pick-up times will be delayed by two hours. Students participating in early morning activities will be contacted by someone from their school. Please prepare for the possibility that school could be canceled. We will send updates as soon as we receive additional information

Over on the Oakhurst Facebook Message Board, Decatur residents are reporting low pressure to no water at all.

A water main break up on Buford Highway is causing the problem.  DeKalb County is also now asking residents to boil water.

The outage seems to be somewhat isolated, as DeKalb County Schools noted that 15 of it’s schools were affected and that students would be transferred to other schools if water wasn’t restored.

Use this thread to report on your water situation and which businesses are impacted (or NOT impacted) by the low-to-no water situation.