HOST Fever Spreads To Atlanta

Apparently, when its city coffers were flush with loot, the city of Atlanta had no problem with DeKalb County’s odd distribution practices of HOST funds to its cities.

But now that times are tough, they want their freakin’ money.

This morning’s AJC reports that Atlanta has also now jumped on the HOST “give-me”bandwagon, asking DeKalb for the millions of dollars its owed (since 33,000 city of Atlanta residents live in DeKalb.)  Atlanta believes its owed around $10 million a year (under the current formula I assume) and attributes the non-payment to not filling out some paperwork in the late 1990s.

Yeah Atlanta, I bet you wish it was that simple.  Just an oversight by the Atlanta and the county.  Now that things are out in the open, I’m sure the County will be happy to pay up.  Its not like they’ve been playing dumb about distribution of HOST funds in court for the past 8 years or anything.