Midway Woods Resident Seeking Advice Regarding Empty DeKalb School

A concern resident writes in…

I would like to “educate” the community on the current status of one of DeKalb county’s abandoned, and forgotten, schools. That school is Hooper Alexander Elementary, a former school of the arts, located on Memorial Drive. The school backs up to the Midway Woods neighborhood.

Some of the activity that I have witnessed at the abandoned school is quite frankly shocking. Criminal activities have inflicted thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to the school. Due to its vacancy the school has also become a “headquarter” for criminal activity. My residence has been burglarized twice during the past year, including [in late July]. The criminals drive down the street looking for driveways free of cars, then proceed to the school to park. They then jump the school’s fence in order to gain access into our residences, and leave as they entered after burglarizing our homes. I have contacted the county, but have yet to receive a reply. My hope is that your forum can provide my neighborhood with suggestions/advice about how to encourage DeKalb County to take action regarding this property. Please find attached a few recent photos of the former school.

Thanks for your help.

DHS Grad Killed in Southeast Atlanta Last Night

Connor points out that the victim in this WSB/AJC report of a shooting on Glenwood Avenue, DuJon Parker, was a 2010 Decatur High School graduate, who played on the school’s basketball team.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Suburban Lanes Robbed Last Saturday

Just reported this morning, but the article says this event took place Saturday morning.

North Druid Hills Patch reports that Suburban Lanes bowling alley was robbed by armed gun man last Saturday morning around 2:30am.  Here’s a blurb…

Two bowling alley employees were working at about 2:30am when two suspects carrying guns entered the building at 2619 North Decatur Rd. either by using a key or coming through an unlocked door, the police report said.

The suspects stole $2,600 from the cash office’s unlocked safe and kicked in the manager’s office door to disengage the security cameras and steal two laptop computers worth about $2,000. The incident was recorded, however, the report said.

Gunfire on West Parkwood Road Pre-Dawn Monday

What the hell?  Siv points out this post on the Parkwood Garden Club blog

West Parkwood Rd. residents Helen Ordway and Steve Elmore related harrowing stories to DeKalb county police early this morning. Steve and Erin Elmore’s mailbox was blasted by a shotgun fired from a car early Monday morning, May 16, sometime between 4:00 and 4:15 a.m. The shot was heard by the Elmores, by a resident across the street from the shooting, and by neighbors Helen Ordway and Sherri Lane on W Parkwood Rd. who live up the hill near East Lake Rd.

The Garden Club blog has ear-witness accounts from many neighbors about the incident.  I believe that more than one of you mentioned hearing gunfire in this area on FFAF this morning.  Also, if you have further info on this event…

…the case number initiated by Steve Elmore is 11-053563, and the officer’s name is Tom A. Green, Sr. He is with the Center Precinct at 770-724-7780.

Photo courtesy of the Parkwood Garden Club blog

Five Emory Students Tied Up and Robbed at Gunpoint

From the Emory Wheel yesterday

Five Emory students were robbed at gunpoint at their residence on North Druid Hills Road Thursday at approximately 2:30 a.m., according to DeKalb County Police Department reports.

According to police reports, two masked male subjects entered the residence at 2497 North Druid Hills Rd. with weapons and tied up the five individuals inside, all of whom have been confirmed as Emory students.

The two masked subjects ransacked the home during the next three hours and stole items such as televisions, laptops, an undetermined amount of cash and assorted valuables, according to the police report.

According to Mekka Parish, public information officer at DeKalb County Police Department, one of the students involved in the incident was struck with a gun by one of the intruders.

According to the Wheel, DeKalb Police do not believe that this was a “random event.”  Nevertheless, quite frightening.