AJC: Anna Nicole Smith Movie Filming in Decatur Today

I think this post title speaks for itself, but here’s a blurb anyway…

The Lifetime movie about Anna Nicole Smith is filming at the old Decatur courthouse today.

The small-screen project has filmed at a number of other locations including the King Plow Arts Center as well as a restaurant scene at New York Prime.

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Who Knew? DeKalb Courthouse Once Had a Pond/Fountain Out Front

Next Stop…Decatur just posted quite the intriguing picture of the NEW DeKalb County Courthouse circa 1965.  You can view it HERE.

Obviously, the thing that will strike the post-1965 Decatur resident first is the pond out in front of the Courthouse, now a massive flowerbed, as Dennis points out in his post.  Personally I had no idea there was once a pond in that location!  I would love to know when and why it was eventually filled in.

However, that’s not the only cool thing about this photo.  The other is the DeKalb government building across the street, which once stood along Trinity in the current Calloway Building lot.  I’ve been sitting on a pic of this building for quite a while, meaning to scan and post it in the name of general historical interest.  But Next Stop’s pic is actually superior to mine, as it gives better locational context.

However, my pic – from the AJC’s now defunct DeKalb Extra – also came with a little blurb about the short history and fate of the government building, which I will now share with ya.

Progress Took Government Building – Standing on the corner of McDonough and Trinity Streets in downtown Decatur, the old DeKalb County government building was built during the county chairmanship of the late Scott Candler in the mid 1940s.  Nearly 30 years later, it was demolished to make room for the construction of the county government’s Callaway Office Building.  The old government building housed, during its lifetime, the departments of Plice, Fire, Sheriff and the DeKalb County Jail, Family and CHildrens Services and Planning, among others.

Kid Rock Strolling the Streets of Decatur

Parker Cross writes in…

Here’s an EOTS [Eye on the Street] that requires some imagination because I’m not quick enough to be a paparazzo. I saw Kid Rock at the Blue Sky Concert today. He was not actually attending the concert, I believe he was on his way for an appearance at Court, as a defendant. He and his entourage were on the pedestrian only part of Sycamore, heading toward N. McDonough.

Testimony continues today in the Kid Rock/Waffle House assault trial taking place at our glorious DeKalb County Courthouse.

Decatur History: Tearing Down the DeKalb Courthouse

I can’t republish the photo here because of copyright protections, but there’s a great photograph from 1898, showing the deconstruction of the DeKalb Courthouse built in 1843, on the Atlanta History Center’s online photo collection.  The courthouse was replaced with the larger version we know today (though I believe the current building is the second iteration of that building, as the first was destroyed by fire).

Note that the building is clearly being dismantled with reuse of the materials in mind, instead of an outright demolition.  Old school reuse!

Also of note: the gentleman waving on the roof.

h/t for the site: Pecanne Log