Track the Progress of the DeKalb Avenue “Complete Streets” Project; “Suicide Lane” Removal Still Planned

dekalb ave suicide lane

Creative Loafing recently pointed out that you can track the progress of Atlanta’s infrastructure bond projects like you do your Domino’s pizza.

So we zipped on over to the Renew Atlanta site and checked out if there’d been any movement on turning much of DeKalb Avenue – Decatur’s nearby, major thoroughfare into Atlanta – into a Complete Street.  Atlanta is planning to spend around $33 million of the $250 million bond on creating “Complete Streets” around the city.

Well, there’s no advancement on DeKalb Ave. yet, but the description still makes it sound like the removable of the reversible lane (aka “suicide lane”) is still a key part of the plan.  Here’s the official description on the site…

Complete Street improvements inclusive of milling and repaving, sidewalk and ADA ramp repair and installation, reversible lane removal and addition of bicycle facilities along DeKalb Ave between MARTA Inman Park-Reynoldstown Station (Hurt St) and city limit.

As one of the flattest routes from Decatur to Atlanta – thanks to the Continental Divide – bicycling commuters are welcoming the change along the road.  But car commuters are more than a bit concerned about the downsizing of car capacity on this busy route, as evidenced by all the comments in our original post about this subject.

DeKalb Avenue Suicide Lane Commits Suicide Again

Lee reports in on a pretty common DeKalb Avenue event, with a twist…

Commuters were surprised to find the suicide lane on DeKalb Avenue was not green for in-bound traffic this morning. The Atlanta police were gently encouraging some of the more confused drivers.

Is this a permanent change or simply a errant clock?

I grant that the cop is a new touch, so maybe something is up, but the missing weekday morning “green arrow” happens semi-regularly.

Of course, a lack of traffic signals has never stopped many DeKalb Ave. commuters and their God-given right to do whatever necessary to get to work on time.