Decatur's New and Improved Crosswalk

OK, I know only runners, dog-walkers and people that walk get excited about crosswalks, but this one could be the “wave of the future”.

Over on The Decatur Minute, Catherine discussed the new crosswalk being installed across Ponce at East Courthouse Square, and how the city will close the street on Sunday evening (around 7p) to do the work.

Though Catherine’s post said that the new crosswalk would be more visable, I was curious to know what physical changes would be made.  So I followed up with Catherine and she told me that the new crosswalk would be textured with “faux-brick pavers”  and be slightly raised (though still handicap accessible) in an effort to make it more visible to drivers.

I’m pretty sure that this is a pretty tried and true method for making crosswalks safer for pedestrians.  A slight rise in elevation combined with the texture forces drivers to slow down and take note of us walkers.  Even so, the city will test it on Ponce before applying it more widely throughout the city.