Decatur Traffic Signal Upgrade Project Pushed Back To 2017

In discussing the coming North McDonough Streetscape Improvement project at Monday’s Decatur City Commission meeting — which Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon sounded sure would happen next summer (You may recall that Decatur first secured $1.77 million grant funding for this project way back in April 2010) — he mentioned a couple of other items that may be of interest…

1.  The traffic signal upgrades that Decatur is working with DeKalb County to implement has been pushed back two years.  When I spoke with the City Manager last summer she said that the timeline had installation happening late 2014/early 2015. Mr. Saxon mentioned at Monday’s meeting that the project isn’t likely to be implemented until 2017.  Past Citizen Surveys have shown that traffic signal timing is one of the most common transportation-related complaints in Decatur.

2.  All of Howard Avenue is part of CSX’s right-of-way.  Did you know that?  I didn’t.