Traffic Accidents Make For Messy Commute Around Decatur This Morning

Hit terrible traffic around the COD this morning?

There were at least two traffic accidents that we could confirm on major roads in Decatur this morning.  One on East College at Commerce – captured above by the WSB traffic copter and confirmed by DPD on Twitter – and another on Scott Boulevard that caused some Westchester elementary students to be late to class this morning (no major injuries were reported in the Scott Boulevard incident).

An eyewitness reported that traffic thru Winnona Park this morning was very heavy, as cars were being diverted through the neighborhood to avoid the East College accident.

How was your morning commute?  Drive safe out there everyone!

UPDATED: Decatur Police Closing Scott Boulevard Tomorrow To Reconstruct Deadly Accident

scott boulevard

UPDATE: Lt. Ross clarifies that “accident reconstruction is “laser mapping of roadway evidence”.

Decatur Police Lt. Jennifer Ross sends along this alert…

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, Scott Boulevard will be closed between Clairemont Avenue and Coventry Road from 9:30 am to approximately 11:30 am for an accident reconstruction.

You can get more info on the deadly vehicle accident that occurred on Scott Boulevard on April 25th HERE.

UPDATED: Cement Truck Flips onto Car on North Decatur Road


UPDATE III: Decatur PD says that North Decatur Road has reopened.


On 5-6-2015 at approximately 12:22 pm, Decatur Police responded to a vehicle accident involving a passenger car and a cement truck on North Decatur Road and Superior Avenue. The road is closed to remove the vehicles and debris. The driver of the passenger car sustained minor injuries and was transported to an area hospital. The driver of the cement truck did not sustain injuries. The driver of the cement truck was cited for disregarding a red light and too fast for conditions. Clean up is still underway at this time but is expected to be completed by approximately 5:00 pm. We will send an update once the roadway has been reopened.

UPDATE: Decatur PD reports that there were no fatalities in this accident. All injuries were “non-life threatening”.

Catherine writes in with this report and photo…

Photo of accident at Superior and N. Decatur, just inside CoD so our police are working it. Cement mixer turns over on top of car. My husband talked to the fire and rescue personnel and they report that the driver of the car was conscious and talking when pulled from the car and the driver of the cement mixer is also alive and OK from what I understand.

Don’t know how it happened. We were out and came home to this.

I will be emailing city next to ask that they take more measures to make this intersection safer. Things are getting worse and worse.

The Decatur Minute is reporting that the road will be closed for several hours.

There has been an accident at N Decatur Rd & Superior Ave and the intersection is expected to be blocked for several hours while emergency personnel respond. Please avoid this area for now. An update will be posted once the intersection is re-opened.

We’re following up with Decatur PD to get the police report.  Stay tuned.

Accident at Scott/Clairemont Snarls Morning Traffic


Speaking from personal experience, this was a mess this morning. Kathy fills us in on the cause…

These 4 accidents cause the visible gridlock on the major roads in the Scott/Clairemont area. The neighborhood cut-throughs, like Superior, Willow, Medlock, and Lamont were all backed up, too. Major traffic headache this morning. At least one of these accidents was a major accident—hope no one was seriously injured.

Not sure if it’s four accidents or one accident reported four times. Either way, hope all involved are ok.

Another Accident on Commerce, This Time Near Cemetery

Bo writes in…

Just happened. Two cars totalled, airbags deployed, looks like everyone’s ok though. Happened down at the “big bend” near the cemetery entrance. They need speed traps or something down there before someone else dies.

How fast do you normally drive along Commerce?

This alternate route around downtown with it’s shamelessly cliche name has become a traffic nightmare and a physical barrier for downtown.  The faster the city can make it one lane, instead of two, the better.  A narrowing might even make the Kroger more attractive to pedestrians….that is if the Kroger were attractive to anyone.