Decatur Schools Will Be Closed Thursday

In case you have yet to hear!  From the CSD Facebook page

City Schools of Decatur schools and offices will remain closed on Thursday, January 18, 2018, due to continued icy conditions and the forecast for dangerously cold wind chills. All scheduled events and activities are canceled.

At the January 23rd Board meeting, the Board will discuss the days missed this week and last week to decide on make up days. In case you missed the previous announcement, the three days missed following the mass power outages caused by the hurricane earlier this year will not be made up.

Superintendent: Decatur Will Not Make Up Snow Days

From CSD

Dear CSD Faculty, Staff and Families,
I know you join me in being thankful that all City Schools of Decatur students made it home safely last Tuesday, January 28, during the snowstorm.  Our bus drivers, teachers, staff and principals are to be commended for the successful dismissal and transport of our students.
Our academic calendar has students attending school for 180 days, and we have had no furlough days this year or previous years when other systems had to reduce the number of school days due to financial hardship. Therefore, I have decided to proceed through the appropriate channels to request that City Schools of Decatur students and staff will not make up the three snow days of January 29, 30 and 31.  
Additionally, State Superintendent Dr. John Barge will bring a resolution to the State School Board that requests that the days of January 29, 30 and 31 are forgiven above and beyond the state guidelines for minimum number of hours students must attend school.  This will be helpful to CSD if further winter weather affects metro-Atlanta during the coming months.
Please note that we are making up the extreme winter weather days of January 6 and 7.  The first make-up day will be March 10, which was previously a Teacher Workday.  Now we will have school for students on Monday, March 10. The second day will be Thursday, May 29 with the post-planning day moved to Friday, May 30 for teachers.  Therefore, Thursday, May 29 is now the new last day of school.
Thank you for your continued support of our students and staff at City Schools of Decatur.
Dr. Phyllis A. Edwards, Superintendent

Decatur Schools To Only Make Up One Snow Day – On March 14th

Tammy sends the link from Superintendent Phyllis Edwards’ letter to parents regarding making up the week snow-days we endured a couple weeks back.

Here it is in full…

The inclement weather experienced January 10-14, 2011 affected all of us in important ways. This extraordinary circumstance surprised the district and the metro Atlanta area.

The only single-day available in the second semester calendar is March 14, 2011. This day was scheduled as a professional learning day. March 14, 2011 will now be a school day for students.

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