Update: Oakhurst Streetscape Construction Schedule Over the Holidays

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The Decatur Minute recently provided this update on the streetscape improvements currently underway in the Oakhurst commercial district…

Starting in front of the Solarium, streetscapes contractor CMES, Inc. will begin removal and replacement of the sidewalk along the north side of West Hill Street, then break for the holidays on December 24. Work will resume on January 5.

Sidewalks on West Hill Street will be followed by construction of a small retaining wall and new sidewalks on the east side of Oakview Road. Temporary crosswalks will be placed across West Hill Street and Oakview Road while the new sidewalks are under construction. [Above] is a map showing the first phase of construction around the south and west perimeter of the Old Scottish Rite Hospital  property.

Map line drawn by DM, map courtesy of Google Maps

New Sidewalks Going in on Westchester Drive


Travis sends in a pic of new sidewalk installations taking place along Westchester Drive.


Westchester Drive Getting a New Sidewalk and Other Decatur Sidewalk Repairs

Do you like sides of the road designed specifically for walking?

Also on tonight’s Decatur City Commission agenda, new and improved sidewalks around Decatur!  Spit straight out a note from Asst. City Manager David Junger to City Manager Peggy Merriss, here are the recipients of this year’s $150,000 in sidewalk improvements.  Jackhammer drumroll please…

  • Clairemont Ave from Michigan Ave to the northern city limits, repairs
  • Derrydown Way/Poplar Circle pedestrian bridge over Shoal Creek, removal and replacement
  • Kirk Road from South Candler Street to Avery Street, repairs or replacement of existing sidewalk on northern side of street
  • Maxwell Street from Oakview Road to Third Avenue, repairs to both sides of the street
  • Westchester Drive from Scott Boulevard to Dogwood Way, new sidewalk on one side of street

Why did Westchester get a NEW sidewalk?  According to Mr. Junger’s note, they asked.  And over 75% of residents in the area were in favor. Well, alright then!

New Sidewalks for South McDonough & Sams Street

Last night, the Decatur City Commission approved a $54,100 amendment to Phase II of the city’s Sidewalk Improvement Project to fund repairs along 450 existing linear feet of sidewalk on both sides of South McDonough Street between Oakview and East College Ave, along with a new sidewalk on the west-side of Sams Street near the Talley Street Lofts.

During the meeting, Assistant Manager David Junger cited South McDonough’s prominence as a Safe Route to School route as a big reason for the need for that specific upgrade.

According to a note to City Manager Peggy Merriss from Mr. Junger (page 21 of the meeting materials), funds are available from the Capital Bond Fund for the work.

Next Round of Decatur Sidewalk Improvements Approved

At Monday’s Decatur City Commission meeting, the commission approved the next phase of ongoing sidewalk improvements around the city of Decatur.  $374,900 was awarded to Ohmshiv Construction for sidewalk destruction and installation around the city, along with related road and storm water system construction.

Although there’s a map on page 32 of the meeting materials, it’s hard to tell exactly which foot roads will be getting the love.  But luckily Assistant City Manager David Junger detailed the seven impacted areas during the meeting.  (Links will take you to the Google Streetview locations)

  1. North Decatur/Superior bus stop
  2. Stretch of east side Glendale Ave (from Glenlake Park to Forkner)
  3. Sycamore Drive (at Decatur Heights Church where the sidewalk ends)
  4. Commerce Drive/South Columbia – complete redesign of the intersection including traffic calming measures that will slow cars down thru the curve as well as provide better pedestrian crossing
  5. West Dougherty Street (from McDonough to Adams) – currently no sidewalk.  A popular Safe Route to School road.
  6. Kirk Road (Northside near the Seminary)
  7. Small gap on Mead Road

According to Mr. Junger, construction should begin in around 3 weeks and will be complete by late Spring 2011.

Google Streetview of Glendale Ave above.

Mayor Wants Input on Scott Blvd Sidewalks

Mayor Floyd gives us an update on the GDOT’s plan to eliminate funding on Scott Boulevard sidewalks, which I mentioned last week and reports that the GDOT is willing to do “some work” along Scott.

However, residents and city officials will have to choose: either new sidewalks on the “south side of Scott across from Westchester, Lamont to Clairemont” or repairs to existing sidewalks.

The mayor asks for comments, but like a commenter mentioned in a previous post, I can’t figure out how to submit something on the mayor’s blog. Perhaps comments are turned off? If so, to turn them back on, click on options and then make sure that “Allow people to post comments on the article” is checked off.

I can’t imagine that if given the opportunity there would still be “no comments” on the mayor’s site. Personally, I’m seeing many of my readers jumping over to his site from this one.

In regards to the sidewalks choice, I guess I would prefer that money be spent on repairs. No one walks down that road by choice, only out of necessity to get from point A to point B. Might as well have a smooth, uncracked surface to do it on.