Superintendent Makes Case for Redistricting Map #9

In a note to the Decatur School Board prior to next week’s meeting (see Agenda Item “e” at this link), Superintendent Phyllis Edwards details the process and reasoning that resulted in her recommendation of K-3 redistricting Map 9.  Here’s a snippet…

…the Board listened to the community on November 16, 2010 and feedback was compiled from the electronic comment space to create Map 9. This map brings the schools virtually within a few students of each other in terms of total enrollment, non-white percentage, free/reduced lunch percentage, and use of classroom space at each school. A substantial change in Map 9 is that CSD will continue our practice of clustering English Language Learner students at Winnona Park. A large majority of these students that need second language services live in the Decatur Housing Authority, in particular, Allen Wilson. By continuing our current practice, this diversified Winnona, lessened the enrollment at Clairemont, and evened out the percentages. The following detail more minor changes that created Map 9:

1. The area around Willow on the northeast side is now zoned to Glennwood.

2. Rosewalk neighborhood will continue to attend Oakhurst.

3. McKoy Street will continue to attend Oakhurst.

The Superintendent recommends that the Board vote to approve Map 9 tonight.

Superintendent Recommends K-3 Redistricting Map #9

Paul sends along a note from Superintendent Phyllis Edwards that was sent home with parents of second graders yesterday, announcing that she was recommending to the Decatur School Board that they approve the newly created K-3 redistricting Map #9.

(The primary purpose of the note is to inform families with only one child in CSD who is currently in second grade, that the child may be able to stay at their current school for 3rd grade, even if their house has is redistricted.  Parents must elect to do this, but even then it isn’t guaranteed.)

Anyway, back to Map 9.  According to Assistant Superintendent Thomas Van Soelen, Map 9 was created in an effort to “keep neighborhoods whole as much as possible”, and because of that AND the fact that non-white and reduced/free lunch comps are better-weighted than in many of the other eight maps, reaction to this map has thus far been generally positive.

However, there has been some recently voiced discontent from Willow Lane residents about being rezoned from Clairemont to Glennwood due to its distance from the neighborhood (.6 miles vs. 1.2 miles).

The Decatur School Board is set to vote on the redistricting at its December 14th meeting.

CSD Adds 9th Redistricting Map Based on Resident Feedback

Asst. Superintendent Thomas Van Soelen alerts us to a 9th map option added to the mix in CSD’s ongoing discussion with the community about redistricting Decatur’s K-3 school enrollment zone, in order to bring Glennwood back into the mix.

While this map is titled “Map 9”, it is really one of just three redistricting options still on the table.  You can still view and give feedback on all three maps here.

Here’s part of a note, just posted on CSD’s website, announcing the additional map.

In response to public input received during the Board public sessions, Map 9 has been created. In this map, revisions are made to keep neighborhoods whole as much as possible. In addition, a programmatic decision was made to continue the current practice of serving K-3 students who need English as Second Language services at Winnona Park.

I would also point out that the “non-white” percentages, which have received a lot of the focus in DM conversations, are now all in the 31%-39% range in this 9th scenario.

Reminder: Final CSD K-3 Redistricting Meeting Tonight

Just a reminder to everyone that tonight is your last opportunity to speak up about your preference between Maps 4 and 8 of the impending K-3 redistricting.

The meeting will begin at 6pm with an hour-long information session, which will be followed by a public hearing starting at 7p.  Needless to say, the meeting will be held at Westchester.

Here’s a link to the final two maps if you need it.  Also feel free to use this post as an open-thread post-meeting if you’re so inclined.

Superintendent Recommends Narrowing Redistricting Options to Maps 4 & 8

From the Decatur School Board’s agenda next Tuesday…

Requested Action

Move approval to narrow the list of K-3 enrollment zone options to Maps 4 and 8 and table the decision until the next regularly-scheduled Board meeting.


In the continuing project related to K-3 enrollment zones for the 2011-2012 school year, CSD has responded to community feedback on the seven maps that were posted electronically and in the pre-K-5 school sites for public comment following the October 12, 2010 Board work session.

First of all, free and reduced lunch data was added on October 27, 2010. This data set was always intended to be added; the cutoff for families to submit an application for consideration had just closed and our School Nutrition staff worked diligently to verify family-submitted information and enter the results into our student information database. Results were sent to our Georgia State University partners who superimposed the data set on the existing maps.

Upon analysis of the narrative comments offered by community members, Maps 4 and 7 emerged as most appealing. Map 4 offers the best racial and socioeconomic mix, labeled “differential” on the pros/cons list. Map 7 allowed one of the smallest school sites, Clairemont, to remove the learning cottage.

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CSD Adds an Eighth K-3 Redistricting Map

Assistant Superintendent Thomas Van Soelen writes in…

In addition to the free/reduced lunch data that has been added this week, a new was added: map 8. all maps are still available at this site:

Upon analysis of the narrative comments offered by community members, Maps 4 and 7 emerged as most appealing. Map 4 offers the best racial and socioeconomic mix, labeled “differential” on the pros/cons list. Map 7 allowed one of the smallest school sites, Clairemont, to remove the learning cottage.

A concern about Map 7 arose regarding the number of Black students that would be attending Oakhurst. The perception may be a reversal of Board policy regarding the integration of students, capped by the removal of the Desegregation Order in 2007.

Map 8 has been created so that the racial and socioeconomic differential of Map 4 is achieved but with no learning cottages needed at any of the sites. In addition, Map 8 divides Decatur Housing Authority into three areas, thus creating more of a consistency between schools. This division of three has historical precedence: during the years of 7 elementary schools, Allen Wilson Terrace was divided north/south. The proposed line would divide that area east/west.

The community can learn more about the process on Wednesday, November 3 at 6 pm, Westchester, and/or talk to the Board of Education at 7 pm.

CSD Redistricting Free and Reduced Lunch Data Now Available

Decatur’s Assistant Superintendent of Schools Thomas Van Soelen informs us that, as promised, the administration has added free and reduced lunch student breakdowns to all seven of the K-3 redistricting map scenarios.  All the relevant data is now available for your perusal in the far-right columns of the scenarios that you already know and love.

Also for comparison, Thomas sends along the current free and reduced lunch rates across all of CSD’s schools.

  • Clairemont                        22.617%
  • Glennwood Academy      33.593%
  • Oakhurst                            14.558%
  • Winnona Park                   19.055%
  • Renfroe Middle School   28.377%
  • Decatur High School       24.78%