Decatur City Commission Receives Robbery Investigations Update

At Monday night’s City Commission, Asst. City Manager David Junger detailed the robberies that have occurred around the city since February 7th and the steps taken by Decatur Police to tackle the issue.

According to Mr. Junger’s presentation to the commission, DPDs response included implementation of a “robbery suppression plan” after the 4th robbery – and before the Wahoo! robbery – which included increased patrols around the central business district by off-duty officers, the Special Investigations Unit, the traffic unit and other DPD resources.  They are also utilizing undercover officers and unmarked vehicles in their efforts to curb and investigate these robberies.  Mr. Junger reiterated that DPD has met with the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association and with the employees of Wahoo! about the recent robberies and are planning more appearances at groups around town.  All in all, DPD has worked over 200 hours of overtime to deal with this issue. Decatur will also be hosting a multi-agency meeting with Atlanta PD and DeKalb PD soon, to share information about these robberies and “make sure everyone is one the same page”.

Mr. Junger noted that other than the first two robberies on February 7th and 26th, Decatur Police don’t have reason to believe that any of the other robberies are connected, based on variations in descriptions by victims and other items of evidence.

“They are working hard on many, many leads” according to Mr. Junger, and the GBI have drawn up sketches of some of the suspects.  (You can view sketches of suspects from the March 15th robbery along Commerce Drive and a security camera picture of a suspect in the Wahoo! robbery on

Commissioner Patti Garrett noted that DPD had mentioned the recent prevalence of cell phone ATMs (which Patch reported on recently) at the ONA meeting, as a potential reason in the uptick of cell phone robberies.

DPD is advising all residents to be more vigilant about their surroundings and be careful about when and where you use your cell phone around the city.  Also, if you ever feel unsafe, DPD encourages residents to call the non-emergency # (404-373-6551) and they can escort you to your destination.

Oakhurst Park Robber To Serve 10 Years

The Decatur Police Department provides this update on two Decatur robberies, which occurred in 2009…

1) On February 11, 2009, a robbery was committed in Oakhurst Park. On March 17, 2010, the defendant pled guilty to two counts of armed robbery and received a sentence of 20 years to serve 10 years.

2) On August 27, 2009, an attempted robbery was committed at Wachovia Bank. A suspect was identified in this case who had an arrest warrant out of another state. The suspect was arrested on February 19, 2010 in the Metropolitan Atlanta area and confessed to the attempted robbery of the Wachovia Bank in Decatur.

Here’s a link to the original post from the Oakhurst Park robbery if anyone needs reminding how pissed they were after that happened.

And here’s Wachovia.