Tastings: A Wine Experience To Replace Tropical Smoothie Cafe

If you needed any additional proof that Decatur was becoming more upscale (and you probably don’t), try this on for size.

Tastings: A Wine Experience, which first opened in St. Petersburg, FL in 2005, is going into the space in the 335 W Ponce condo building once occupied by Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Here’s a description of this unique wine bar from its website..

Tastings is a one-of-a-kind wine bar offering new levels of experience to everyone from the novice to the sommelier. With over 100 wines in stock, Tastings boasts one of the largest selections in the world for wines-by-the-taste. The entire selection is available by the taste, by the glass and by the bottle. Every bottle is sold at retail price and can be opened in the store, or taken home to enjoy.

Click here to watch a video that gives a good overview of the business.

Many thanks to Kelly Resignola, co-owner of the location, for this info and website.  I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out what was taking over this location.

I can’t wait to try this place out!  Pretty soon I’ve be impressing/annoying all my friends with my knowledge of $200 wines…

You Know That Little Red Building On East Howard?

If you’ve ever parked on East Howard to feast at “Feast” or dine at “the Depeaux”, you may have noticed a little red building tucked away from the street.  You see the establishment’s name, “Las Brasas”, but your sheltered background lends little assistance to help you figure out what the heck that means.  But for some reason, the cute little hole-in-the-wall beckons to you and you think “I definitely have to figure out what they serve and eat it!  Whatever it may be!”

Well, AJC to the rescue.

They have a pretty favorable review of “Las Brasas” online today.

Their verdict?  A little taste of Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken in the heart of Decatur.

Click the continuation for the full review.

Hattip: [InDecatur]

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Pangaea Cancels Plans to Come to Decatur

Thanks to Dan, who commented in response to my previous posting about Pangaea closing its flagship location on Huff Rd, we now have second-hand confirmation that Pangaea is not coming to Decatur.

Dan writes…

I work over by the Pangea on Huff and in talking to them, they are not going to open in Decatur (at least that is what the cashier told me) and they are closing just because the location was not getting enough traffic. Which is understandable since it is kind of off the beaten path.

I am very sad about it since it was a standard part of my lunch rotation.

Many thanks for doing the footwork and updating us on this story Dan!

But here’s my question. Why would a restaurant that claims to be struggling, up and decide to open a second location just months before it closes its doors? Wishful thinking?

Kind of counter-intuitive to me.

The Depeaux Featured in Access Atlanta

Decatur’s Depeaux gets a feature in Access Atlanta this week.  The AJC’s Bob Townsend highlights both the renovated Train Depot and the restaurant’s spicy eats.

Regardless of your position on whether the depot should have been completely gutted after the Decatur Preservation Alliance raised $250,000 to move it, you have to admit the new “Depeaux” looks darn good.  Plus the food is comforting and delicious.   The $5.95 red beans and rice is a meal in itself!  Couple that with a HUGE glass of draft beer and you’re set for the evening.