MAR Restaurant Opens Officially Today

According to an announcement on MAR’s Facebook page, the restaurant which took over the old Feast space on E. Howard Ave opens tonight!

Check out their menu on their website.

Photo courtesy of MAR’s Facebook page

Sapori di Napoli Now Open

Word on the street is that Sapori di Napoli – with its promise of “eat at the way Italians eat, to drink the way Italians drink, and to enjoy the way Italians enjoy…” is now open and serving its much anticipated pizza pies at 314 Church Street. This picture seems to confirm the opening date is today.  (Also, UrbanDaddy reported the Monday opening too!)

What are you waiting for?  Head on over and report back!

Photo courtesy of Sapori di Napoli website

Harbour Bar Taking Over Old El Tesoro Location

Patch reports that three restaurateurs who are responsible for Napoleon’s Grill in Oak Grove – and between them have founded such well-known spots as Burrito Art, Saba and Front Page News – are opening a Six Feet Under-esque joint called “Harbour Bar” this summer in the old El Tesoro location at 129 Church Street in Deactur.

Among the more pertinent details…

The renovation will include knocking down walls, moving restrooms, and extending the bar from where it is now to make way for a raw seafood bar.

Menu items will include steamer baskets, lobster, sauteed clam cakes, and hot shots, which are oysters with tequila key lime butter.

“There’s a big need for a seafood and raw oyster bar type place,” [co-owner Ryan] Aiken said.

Can’t say I disagree with that.


Big Tex Cantina Sign Goes Up

Sandi sent in this pic yesterday of the freshly painted sign put up on the new Big Tex Cantina setting up shop in the old Natalie’s Fish House space on the southern end of Ponce de Leon Court.

Over on their Facebook page, they’ve got a few pics from earlier this month of the construction going on inside.

Pita Pit Opens Thursday

My wife and I saw a few Pita Pit door-hangers scattered in the street amongst the fallen leaves along Ponce Place Sunday evening, so I had a feeling this place was pretty close to opening.

Carl has posted a pic of a sign on their door that announces the “Grand Opening” will be this Thursday, December 2nd from 7a to 10p.

And in case you’re not up to speed: the shop is taking over the old Quizno’s space at the corner of the “Birds from Hell” building.  Also, you can view their menu HERE (pdf)

Resident Reports Decatur Diner Might Finally Be Open

UPDATE: Looks like the answer is “NO”.

Gonna have to crowd-source this one.

Elliot writes in…

My wife just drove by the Decatur Diner and she said the “Coming Soon” signs are down and it looked like they were serving someone. IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!?!

Can anyone confirm/deny?

Farm Burger to Open Wednesday

UPDATE: Owners have confirmed a Wednesday opening.  Taking the “?” out of the post title.

Ketchup and mustard has been on the tables at Farm Burger since mid-last week.  Ramon writes in with the inevitable…

Saw this afternoon that FarmBurger was having an opening house for “Friends & Family.” According to the hostess they are hoping to open this Wednesday, April 21.

Carl is reporting a similar line on Twitter.  I’ve got an email in to the owners to confirm.