Decatur Joins


In an effort to disseminate crime information to residents more quickly, this morning Chief Booker announced that the city of Decatur has joined the website, which maps various crimes around the city.  According to Chief Booker, the site will be updated every night, so the data is very up-to-date.

CrimeReports also allows you to sign up for daily/weekly/monthly email alerts on self-selected crimes in your area.

This should be a great new resource for Decatur residents.  Hopefully it won’t make people completely neurotic.

Ah, the double-edge sword of information.

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Decatur Police Announce Arrest, Ask For Help

Decatur PD sent out two releases this morning.

The first announces an arrest on Monday in two Oakhurst burglaries that took place along Oakview Road last week.  According to the release, “Some stolen property was recovered.”

The other release asks residents to be on the lookout for a burglary suspect and/or his unique vehicle.

Dekalb County Police had a burglary attempt on Chelsea Circle (near Coventry Road) on Monday, 04-20-09, at around noon. The victim stated she heard knocking at her front door and looked out and saw the suspects who then tried to break into the front door. The victim called out to the suspects and they ran to their vehicle. The victim recognized the suspect vehicle as the same vehicle she saw approximately six months ago during another attempted burglary at her house. The suspect vehicle was described as a gray 1980’s Ford LTD with plastic on one of the driver’s side windows. The suspects were described as two middle-aged black males, one being partially bald.

Recently, Decatur residents have reported seeing this vehicle in the City. If you see this vehicle, please call 911or the non-emergency number at (404) 373-6551.

Decatur's Motorcycle Cop


Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne makes my day and sends along a photo of Decatur’s motorcycle police officer, Robert Lindsey, along with some background info about him and future plans for DPD’s “Traffic Safety Unit”.

Master Police Officer Robert Lindsey has been with the department since 2001. He attended the Police Motorcycle Course at the Northwestern Traffic Safety Institute. MPO Lindsey was assigned to the new traffic safety unit in January 2009. His duties include enforcement of all traffic laws, with special emphasis on speeding violations particularly those in school zones. The department hopes to assign a second officer to the Traffic Safety Unit in the near future. The second officer will utilize a sedan rather than a motorcycle and will work an overlapping shift with MPO Lindsey to provide a broader presence throughout the day.

Thanks Lyn!