Decatur Native Helping Out Those Living in Tunnels Under Las Vegas

There’s a great piece by Bill Banks in the AJC this morning about Decatur native and once-DHS point guard Matt O’Brien, who’s lived in Las Vegas the past 13 years working as writer/journalist and doing good work “Beneath the Neon”.

According to the article, up to 1,000 people are living in the underground flood channels under Las Vegas at any given time.  As Banks states, after O’Brien did a series for the Las Vegas alt-weekly paper eight years ago about this hidden population, it became his “obsession”.  He documented their lives, culminating in a book, “Beneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas“.  He also started a partnership with a group that assists the homeless to help get these folks out of the tunnels.

Good stuff.

h/t: Next Stop…Decatur

Who's Decatur's Most Famous Resident?

Its sort of a slow morning here in the Decatur Metro newsroom, so I’ve decided to throw out a question that popped into my head a couple days ago.

Most of us are aware of musicians Michael Stipe and Emily Saliers, along with humorist Roy Blunt Jr.’s Decatur-tie, while others know that poet and good friend to Edgar Allen Poe, Thomas Holley Chivers, is buried in Decatur Cemetery.  A few others might also be aware that Julia Roberts spent some time here as a child.

But all of those folks have either passed on or moved on to other places.  So who is Decatur’s most famous current resident?

I’ll start things off by throwing Ryan Gainey’s name out there.