Photos: Inside the New Decatur Market!

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the DM crew doing touring a grocery store?”, you obviously aren’t aware of my well-documented, local grocery store/market/food co-op obsession.

The new Decatur Market has been open since early February along East Howard Avenue and we’ve been wondering “what do they offer?”  It turns out, quite a bit.  So we dropped by a few days ago, took a look around, had a sandwich (which was quite delicious – lovers of the old 5th Earl take note), and snapped a few photos to give you a sense of the selection.

Definitely check it out for lunch, to pick up beer & wine, breakfast, or last minute items – everything from Heinz Ketchup to fancy cheeses and East Pole coffee!


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UPDATED: Decatur Market Now Open on East Howard Avenue

UPDATE:  Renee at Decatur Market tells us they’ll only be open until 8p for the next few days, as they continue to get up to speed.  Also they’re having a Grand Opening event this Friday with free bite sized deli samples samples around lunchtime, as well as sandwiches for purchase.  At 6p they will host a few vendors who will offer samples (beer, wine, snacks, etc).

Have you checked out the new Decatur Market on East Howard yet?   (If you’ve followed this site for a while, you probably are aware of my love of markets and grocery stores.)

Looking at their Facebook feed, it seems like they’ve been in a “soft opening” mode for a few weeks, but are now are abiding by their official hours posted on their door.  (Mon- Sat 7a-10p, Sun 10a-6p).

Recent posts show they already have lots of local items in stock, including eggs, cheese, spreads, beer and wine.

Have you been yet?  What do you think??