Photos: Inside the New Decatur Market!

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the DM crew doing touring a grocery store?”, you obviously aren’t aware of my well-documented, local grocery store/market/food co-op obsession.

The new Decatur Market has been open since early February along East Howard Avenue and we’ve been wondering “what do they offer?”  It turns out, quite a bit.  So we dropped by a few days ago, took a look around, had a sandwich (which was quite delicious – lovers of the old 5th Earl take note), and snapped a few photos to give you a sense of the selection.

Definitely check it out for lunch, to pick up beer & wine, breakfast, or last minute items – everything from Heinz Ketchup to fancy cheeses and East Pole coffee!


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Savi Provisions New Decatur Location Will Have Separate Liquor Store

The City Commission granted both a beer and wine and a distilled spirits liquor license to Paul Nair, the owner of Savi Provisions, this past Monday night.  As previously reported, Nair is planning to open a Savi Provisions in the former Cooks Warehouse space downtown.

With the application, we got a bit more info on the layout of the new store and how it will legally accommodate the sale of “distilled spirits”, which can’t be sold in grocery stores in the state of Georgia.

In short, spirits retail will be sold in a separate space, as detailed in the application…

This business is being created out of a portion of the former Cook’s Warehouse space. It will be separate from the rest of the retail area and have separate ingress and egress to the exterior of the building as required by {3) above. The point of sale will also be separate from other business uses in the remainder of the original space.

Renovations to the space are currently underway, according to the application.  An AJC article from June noted that Savi would be opening in Decatur “this summer”.

Decatur Hoping to Attract High-End Market To Downtown

Decatur has long desired to attract a new grocery store downtown.  Calls for a Trader Joe’s are a running joke on this site – and elsewhere, assumedly (local watering holes, water coolers, etc)

Yes there’s the mini-Kroger, but **insert your reason here**.

Decaturish reported a couple of days back that the city was trying to woo a high-end market to the city and that a change to the liquor law was necessary to make the opening appealing.  As the article pointed out, the large Cook’s Warehouse space downtown is currently vacant and could conceivably house a small grocery store.

Decaturish then followed up with a challenge from the Georgia Alcohol Dealers Association, who claims the change to the law isn’t allowed in Georgia.  But the city says their attorney has given the sign off on these changes, and that it is within the city’s purview.  UPDATE: According to Savi Provisions website, their current Buckhead location sells small quantities of spirits already, so it seems there’s a work around for grocery stores out there.  So I guess we’ll see where any of this goes.

WSB also recently featured the story in a segment, as shown above.

Grocery Store Now “Unlikely” at Callaway Site


We had high hopes that we might get another grocery store in Downtown Decatur with the mixed-use development at the Callaway property, across from City Hall along Trinity Place.

But the recent disagreement between the city – who acquired the site a couple of years ago from DeKalb County – and the developer, Cousins, about what the market can support and what’s physically possible on the slanted site seems to have resulted in begrudging agreement that a grocery store isn’t possible at that location, according to a new blurb on

Decatur wants more ground-floor retail, though a grocery—or at least a full-sized grocery—seems unlikely given the topography and layout makes it difficult for large delivery trucks.

Le sigh.  The blurb also notes that the city would like some upper-floor office space in the development, since the last time an office building was constructed in Decatur was back before the Olympics in 1991.

Seems the development appetite is still mostly in luxury rentals, which is the case all over Atlanta. A recent GA Tech study found that a large majority of the 11,000 apartments being built and the 9,000 planned are these “luxury rentals”.  At the same time, low-cost rentals are disappearing.

Rendering for old plan courtesy of Smith Dalia

Prospect of Securing Callaway Site Grocery Store Not Looking Great


Following up on our post from earlier today

You may recall that the city has long-stated its desire to secure a grocery store for the Callaway mixed use development.  Hoorah!

You may also recall that the Georgia Legislature recently cleared the way by changing the liquor law to give local governments the ability to allow retail alcohol sales closer to schools.  Phew!

But the city’s Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne is now telling us that while the city is still trying to get some kind of market in that space, she’s “not sure a grocery store is going to happen.”.

Guess we’re still not attractive enough to all the grocery store bean counters.  Looks like we’re gonna have the start that food co-op after all!

UPDATED: Report: Whole Foods Scouting For Store in the Decatur Area


UPDATE: Decatur Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne declined to comment on this story.


A report in the Atlanta Business Chronicle this morning about Whole Foods opening a new store at Peachtree Crossing in Chamblee includes this little nugget…

Whole Foods is also scouting for another store in the Decatur area and possibly the Cumberland Galleria, according to people familiar with the talks.

With 600 new apartments being built in downtown Decatur, rising home values in the city and surrounding area, and an EarthFare opening a new location closer to Decatur at Emory Point than any existing Whole Foods, this doesn’t seem a huge surprise.  One question will be whether Whole Foods will open an urban location downtown or in a more suburban environment.

We’ve reached out to the city for comment and will update when we hear back.

Thanks to brianc for the heads up!

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods website

Future a Little Brighter for Callaway Development Grocery Store Ambition


Here’s a Georgia Legislature vote we all over looked until Decaturish pointed it out this afternoon:

House Bill 85 allows local municipalities to lift the “no off-premise consumption alcohol sales within 200 yards of a school” restriction in situations where they deem it appropriate.   It was approved yesterday and just needs Gov. Nathan Deal’s signature.

As many of you know, this is an important in relation to the City of Decatur’s effort to get a grocery store into the Callaway development, which sits within the aforementioned 200 yards of Decatur High School.