Decatur gas station reopens as… (rolls dice)… gas station


The bar is high for gas stations in Decatur–one former station won a James Beard award,  another is a model for a burgeoning taqueria franchise, and yet another once sold a beer for over $2500. And that’s only the ones on Ponce. Now, the former Hi Tech gas station at the corner of Ponce and Candler, legendary site of Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin’s encounter with Decatur’s marauding undead, is set to reopen over the next couple weeks. Service next week, gas available the week after. Detailing and other stuff soon after that.

The property is getting a facelift. It will wear the Pure Gasoline badge, but the shop itself will be operated under the name “Men With Gas and Tools” The gassy, tooly partnership includes Decatur scion Scott Drake, unofficial Oakhurst mayor Marc Brennan (of U-Joint and Steinbecks), and Joel Ross, onetime master mechanic at the Nissan dealership on Church St.

The Pure station, not intimidated by its competition, is stepping up to the plate and  will be all Decatur–sending a portion of proceeds to various Decatur charities on a rotating basis. But that’s not what has us down here on this end of Ponce excited. No, that would be the fact that they will be stocking prepared foods from the Oakhurst Market. Let me say that again–you’ll be able to get Oakhurst Market goodies right there on Ponce. Can growlers on Sunday be far behind?