VIDEO: Dearborn Park Really Flooded Yesterday

David sends along this great video montage of the flooding of Shoal Creek that occurred in Dearborn Park after the heavy rains yesterday.

Coventry Road Flooded and Closed


Update: Coventry is no longer flooded!

We were turned around by this a bit earlier today.

A popular cut-through – Coventry Road between Nelson Ferry and Scott Blvd was closed earlier today – and may still be closed – due to severe flooding that occurred during this morning’s downpour.  MermaidMY sent along this pic of the situation.

I’m checking with DPD on whether the road is still closed – and flooded.

So That’s Why It’s Called Glenlake Park

glenn lake

Glenlake Park, Decatur GA (pic courtesy of Chris)

North McDonough Gets All Tore Up

n mcdonough2

Looks like some of that mighty expensive new drainage is finally going in under North McDonough Street in front of the Decatur High School auditorium.  Chris sends in these two pics of the action from this weekend.

n mcdonough

This is one of the areas most prone to flood in all of Decatur – see this 2010 photo of Maple Street if you’re not familiar – and this has meant that drainage improvements have been a costly and unsexy expense that the city has been preparing to tackle for a number of years.

And if you want to really get down in the wonky weeds, here’s a screenshot of the Decatur topo map showing how the hill the Old Courthouse sits up basically valleys-out right in front of the high school, thus the ongoing drainage issues at this site. Continue reading “North McDonough Gets All Tore Up”

Flooding Near Decatur High School

Holy cow.

You’ve gotta see this photo that was sent into Fox5 yesterday of flooding across from Decatur High School!  That’s East Maple, correct?

Geez, I didn’t realize things were quite that bad yesterday.

South Fork Peachtree Creek flooding

The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for South Fork Peachtree Creek, which flows just north of Decatur. The creek was already above flood stage by noon today.

Here’s an image of South Fork Peachtree Creek at about 1:00PM today. As you can see, it had already reached the bottom the Clairmont Lake bridge (100 feet upstream from the Clairmont Road bridge).

South Peachtree Creek at Clairmont Lake bridge

Please be safe and don’t walk or drive through flood waters. It seems like an obvious enough warning, but someone always does it.

(Post by Andisheh Nouraee)

City Responds To Flooding in Midway Woods

UPDATE III: Asst. City Manager David Junger responds “Our Storm Water Engineer Julie Gyuricza received this complaint this morning and she is investigating the nature and cause of the flooding. We do not have enough information currently to know why this area flooded.”

UPDATE II: Jon writes in with a second report…”So it turns out there was a major blockage in one of the 18 inch pipes, and the city has already come out and taken care of it. They have also said they will be on the lookout for the area in the future.  I’m really pleased with how quickly the city has responded to us. I hope you let everyone know, because the city earned it’s reputation on this one….”

UPDATE: Jon writes in “Peggy already has the drain crew out looking at the area. It’s really great to see the city respond so quickly.”

Four days ago, Paula reported “rumbling on the Midway Woods yahoo group about the stalled development at Midway and S. Candler. …the latest is that the clearing of the lot has caused huge run-off problems and flooding.”

Yesterday evening, the President of the Midway Woods Neighborhood Association, Jon Rork, wrote in asking for help…

Continue reading “City Responds To Flooding in Midway Woods”