Fire Damages “Our Way Cafe”; Recovery Fund Opened

This past Saturday, “Our Way Cafe” in the Avondale Estates’ Twin Oaks strip mall on E. College Avenue suffered damage from a fire caused by a clothes dryer motor.  Tweets from @stacyreno and @danayoung, sent Dave and Geoff to the scene where they documented the damage.

While initial eyewitness accounts reported minimal damage, Dave followed up yesterday with news that the “kitchen and walk-in areas were destroyed and smoke damage throughout.”

Dave also reported yesterday that a “fire recovery fund” had been opened at Decatur First Bank.  Here are the details from Rob Elrod…

We have set up a Fund for Ava Marie’s Our Way at Decatur First.

Please ask folks to make checks payable to: Our Way Cafe Recovery Fund with an ATTN: Ms. Ann Berg on the checks. The checks can be sent to the bank at 1120 Commerce Drive, Decatur, GA 30030.

Decatur First Bank’s Kroger Branch Robbed, Suspects Already in Custody

Dave Kell tweeted earlier that the Decatur First Bank branch at the “lil’ Kroger” on Commerce Drive had been robbed around 5p this evening.

Deputy Chief Keith Lee was quick to respond to my inquiry with details and news that the perps have already been arrested.

We were notified of an armed robbery of the Decatur First Bank branch at Kroger this afternoon. Two suspects were stopped a few minutes later on Church Street. Evidence recovered during the stop established probable cause the two suspects were involved in the robbery. Both suspects are in custody at this time and the investigation is continuing.

Hats-off to DPD!!!

Griggs Student Fund Created To Help Winnona Park Family

Diane forwards this note from Winnona Park Elementary School Principal Greg Wiseman…

Over the holidays, a Winnona Park student lost his mother. Robin Griggs, mother of second grader David, tragically died of a brain aneurism on December 22. The family members that are taking care of David and his older siblings have stated that they would welcome donations at this time to help with remaining expenses and care for the children. At this time, the Griggs Student Fund has been set up for this purpose. Donations can be made to:

  • The Griggs Student Fund
  • Decatur First Bank
  • 1120 Commerce Dr.
  • Decatur, GA 30030
  • Attn: Ann Berg
  • Ph: 404-373-6549

We’d prefer donations be made directly to the bank, but if it is easier to bring donations to school (check only please) we will accept them here.

Thank you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Decatur First Bank Signs Order to Raise Capital

As has already been communicated via letter to Decatur First customers, and reported by the DNO, Decatur First Bank recently signed an order with federal regulators to raise more capital and reduce bad debt as the bank crisis continues to play out across the state.

Bank president Judy Turner recently commented to the AJC

…the bank has been a conservative lender, choosing not to invest heavily in new home construction or subdivision development that got so many Georgia banks in trouble. But the economic downturn has hit its customer base hard, causing a spike in loan delinquencies.

“When people lose their job, they can’t pay their bills,” she said. “There’s just a lot of stress in the economy.”

Free Redbud Seedlings Available at Decatur First Bank Tomorrow


Jack Regan at Decatur First Bank writes in…

In celebration of the arrival of Spring this weekend, Decatur First Bank on Friday March 20 will be giving away redbud seedlings, one to a customer, on a first come, first served basis at its main office located at 1120 Commerce Drive . Supplies are limited, so drop by early. Decatur First Bank, which has been serving this community since 1997, is the only bank with its home base in Decatur.

Decatur First Bank Requests Bailout Assistance; Worries About Future

The AJC has a great article this morning about a huge overlooked segment of the financial industry in these tough economic times; community banks.

The article prominently features Decatur First CEO Judy Turner and her thoughts regarding the recent crisis and lack of assistance thus far by the feds to smaller banks.  According to Turner, Decatur First will continue to make loans for now “thanks in large part to money raised by its board of directors”, but has also requested $5.2 million from the fed.

So far, no response.

Trackside Employee Fund

Robert Elrod sends in info for the Trackside Employee Fund that he’s set up over at Decatur First Bank…

Send checks made out to
Decatur First Bank; Attn: Ann Berg
1120 Commerce Dr.
Decatur, Ga. 30030

or bring money or checks by the Corner Pub at 627 D East College Ave.
Anyone wishing information can contact me at my email address. (rhelrod[at]