Eyewitness Account of Fellini's Robbery

Sher writes in…

I was at Fellini’s when it happened. The main gunman literally fell in the doorway…looked strung out. As soon as he got to the register, I ran out the door and kept running until I saw someone on Sycamore and asked them to call 911. By then the police were on their way. Apparently, everyone started running out, but they didn’t fire any shots. It was really scary…there were families eating there.

Very scary.  I’m just glad no one got hurt.

Hopefully with this many witnesses they can locate and identify these guys.

Fellini's Robbed By Armed Gunmen During Dinner Rush

Three readers write in with eyewitness reports of police tape, cop cars, and police dusting for fingerprints and interviewing employees at Fellini’s last night.

What’s going on?

UPDATE: Sounds like it was an armed robbery with numerous gunmen.

Jeez, I hope everyone involved is doing O.K.

Robbery on Derrydown Way

Another recent robbery. But this one doesn’t seem to involve a weapon.  Plus the perpetrators were arrested within 5 minutes.

An avid reader pulled this off the Winnona Park message board…

From a Winnona Park neighbor:

Another head’s up…we got a note in our mailbox today that this morning [Nov. 11] at 3 am, our neighbor on Derrydown was robbed at her doorstep. The offender got away with nothing but her empty purse and was captured 5 minutes after she contacted the police. He was arrested with 2 other people, a woman and a man at the Chevron at the intersection of Columbia and Memorial Dr.

And follow-up from another Winnona Park neighbor:

The robbery of our neighbor on Derrydown on Tuesday 3 am, Nov 11, was a crime of opportunity and totally unrelated to Winnona Park itself.  The perps live in Atlanta, had run out of drugs & money, saw a woman driving alone, followed her home and parked their car down the street from her house. One got out of the car and confronted her at her door. Thankfully she was not harmed and was able to quickly telephone the police and they were able to arrest the culprits.

The Decatur Police say they see more incidents in a weak economy and during the holiday shopping season. They will have more patrols out in downtown Decatur along with our citizen CAPS volunteer to put more eyes on the streets.

Some suggestions from the police to ward off such attacks – be aware of your surroundings and whether someone is following you, to call the police from your cell phone or drive to a police station. Shopping center parking lots are a prime location for crime. Unfortunately too, women out alone appear more vulnerable, though, as we see from the armed robbery in downtown Decatur, either sex can be victims.

Chief Lee asked that if residents have concerns or questions, to call his work phone 678-553-6620.

Armed Robbery at Corner of Ponce and N. Candler

RustyDiamond (and a whole lot of other people) forwarded me this note yesterday.  I held onto it until I received confirmation from Decatur PD that it was in fact valid.  This morning I got confirmation, so here it is…

Last night approximately 11 pm my brother-in-law was robbed at gunpoint in downtown Decatur by two teenagers. This occurred at the corner of Ponce and N. Candler street by the J. Christopher’s restaurant and Decatur Methodist. He had parallel parked on N. Candler and was walking back to his car alone from meeting friends downtown.

The perps were a “crew” of two African American males with medium skin tone. The older teen was obviously experienced and directed the younger teen holding the gun what to do. Both wore dark hoodies and one hoodie had gold lettering. They told him to throw his keys on the ground (I assume to avoid him hitting the panic button or using any pepper spray on his key chain as they did not try to take his car). They then sprayed him with pepper spray and demanded his wallet and his phone. They fled on foot toward Kroger.

I know many of us park in this area all the time so please be vigilant and if you are aware of any similar crimes with this same MO or you happen to have any idea who these guys are please let Decatur PD know.

Here’s Decatur PD’s response… “Yes, it did occur but it is an active and ongoing investigation. Inv. Karolyi was assigned the case.”

Five Kaleidoscope Robbers in Custody

…according to 11Alive.  Three are minors.  Suspect Charles Dunn is the only bandit yet to be caught…according to the AJC.

Since they’ve got these guys on tape, I assume this will be a pretty open and shut case.


"Blue Jean Bandits" Hit Boogaloos

Fox5 (video) reports that the infamous metro area “blue jean bandits” broke into Boogaloos sometime last night and stole a lot of expensive jeans.

Let’s hope insurance will cover their loss.

Thanks to Rus for the tip.

UPDATE: The AJC reports that a jogger heard glass shatter and quickly notified the police.  According to the report, it is still unclear whether anything was taken.

Emory Students Robbed at Gunpoint in $3 Church St. Parking Lot

Fox 5 has the video, which includes pictures of the suspects.

Stay alert.

h/t: InDecatur