The Importance of Wordsmiths

Baby Got Books points out that it goes well-beyond Decatur, in a passionate cry to its audience…

Wordsmiths, in business for less than two years, has been instrumental in helping to create the lit scene that we all deserve here in Atlanta. No one in this town works harder to get authors in front of a crowd than the gang at Wordsmiths. No one. Their readings are always an event that may also feature local bands, national indie musicians, free hairpieces, local chefs, contests, prom backdrops, cupcakes, and – well, you never really know what else may happen. You can rest assured that an evening at a Wordsmiths reading is never going be boring. How good is Wordsmiths programming? New York Times-worthy. Don’t take my word for it. Check out Wordsmiths’ Flickr photostream. Then remind yourself that all of that action is taking place in a bookstore….

I love what Wordsmiths is all about. I think that they have hit upon the winning formula for selling books in the digital age while also creating a literary community. They’ve made going to the bookstore cool again. Bottom line: there is always something happening (or about to happen) at Wordsmiths. I’m sure that we’ll all survive if Wordsmiths disappears from our landscape – but we’ll all be the poorer for it.

Over on the Wordsmiths blog, Zach links to all the blogs/newspapers that have already posted on their campaign. And as someone somewhere already pointed out, if you’re against donating to the store but appreciate its contribution, you could still go purchase a book or two at full-price. Or buy a $10, $50, $100 or $500 Friends of Wordsmiths membership. Then the store makes a profit up front and you get benefits going forward.

Wordsmiths' 1st Anniversary Triggers a Tidal Wave of Events

Wordsmiths has lots going on this weekend in celebration of its first anniversary.

For all the details go straight to the horse’s mouth: Wordsmiths’ “official” First Anniversary press release

With all that’s going on I might recommend just camping out on the Square for the weekend, but I suspect bonfires and sleeping under the Civil War monument are illegal.

Little Shop of Stories Opens in New Space

InDecatur notes that Little Shop of Stories opened in its new, larger location in the Starbucks building today, above next to Vivid Boutique (in the old Adams Realty space).

A post on the shop’s blog says “The new store will have larger sections for kid’s nonfiction, picture books, YA and so much more.”, but villainishly refuses to post pictures. 🙂

Can’t wait to check it out!

QUESTION: Does that giant metal frog have a name?

Wordsmiths' Vault Gets AJC Article

Wow…the AJC is getting granular about bookstore moves in town.

After Wordsmiths opened in the old SunTrust building on the Square yesterday, today’s paper features an article about how the shop will use the old bank vault in its new location to house its comic books section.

One particularly interesting statement in the article: being only a year old, the store hasn’t yet turned a profit.

(Photo of a gimpy Russ Marshalek courtesy of the AJC)

Feel better Russ!

Little Shop of Stories Will Double In Size With Move

The AJC reports on our recent news about Wordsmiths and Little Shop of Stories moving to Decatur Square.

The article sheds light onto our question about Little Shop of Stories’ moving date: April 2008.  It also mentions that the new space is more than twice the size as the old at 3,300 square feet.

In regards to Wordsmiths, the article says that the shop will grow about 200 square feet with its move to the old Suntrust Building and answers a question that my wife had about use of the bank vault.

It will house the young adult section.

Little Shop of Stories Moving into Starbucks Building

So the new Decatur Focus for March is out and there’s a whole section dedicated to closed and opening restaurants and shops. Is this a nod to David and I? Regardless, it was nice of the city to do this since it confirms many of the things we’ve been seeing ourselves and hearing from our well-informed readers (and commenters!) Plus it confirms there still are no solid replacements for Mick’s or Zocalo yet.

In fact, between the two blogs, we’ve already exposed every single development detail listed except for one; And that’s the title of this post.

According to the city pub, Little Shop of Stories is banana-splitting with Jake’s and moving across the Square to the “Starbucks building” at 133 E. Courthouse Sqaure. Exciting stuff! That side of the Square definitely gets more foot traffic, so just like recently announced Wordsmiths move, they should benefit simply from more people walking past their store. But I’m a bit unclear where there is room in the Starbucks building, because the only other store I would consider in that building is Vivid Boutique, which just opened a few months ago. Perhaps their opening on the second floor where that annoying Adams Realty sign is hanging?

I’ll try to find out the exact new location details, but in the meantime if anyone has any clues, don’t leave ME hanging!

The New Indie Bookstore In Town

Actually its right outside the current city limits.

According to paint on the windows of the old Chapter 11 bookstore in the Publix shopping plaza on N. Decatur Road, a new bookstore called The Blue Elephant will be taking over the space.

The all-knowing window paint also proclaims a March 8th opening.

I’m always glad to see another local bookstore!

(NOTE: The Blue Elephant above has nothing to do with the coming bookstore, but since I couldn’t find any info about the new store online I decided to post the next best thing: A random, cute blue elephant doll! BTW…the pic is courtesy of