“Coming of Age” Movie Filming at Dancing Goats Today

You may have noticed even more activity than usual at Dancing Goats this morning.  Film crews, Decatur Police and catering trucks have set up shop in and around the coffee shop.

We reached out to the city’s Shirley Baylis – the city’s special events and community outreach coordinator – and she told us Fox 2000’s “Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda” is filming there today.

According to Deadline, the “coming of age” novel – which the film is based on…

 …focuses on Simon Spier, a 16-year-old not-so-openly gay student. When an email written by Simon falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being made public. Change-averse Simon is forced to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he’s pushed out — in a way that won’t alienate his friends, compromise himself or ruin a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he hasn’t even met yet. “coming-of-age pic based on Becky Albertelli’s debut novel.”

Deadline noted in a follow up post that the film stars  Katherine Langford, “the Aussie newcomer who is co-starring in Netflix’s upcoming YA series 13 Reasons Why“, Nick Robinson and Logan Miller.

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

Sweet Old Dog Found at Dancing Goats

Do you know this dog? She was found Sunday evening, November 6, wandering the Dancing Goats parking lot. The good folks at the Village Vets have confirmed she has no microchip ID so we turn to you, the DM Nation.

She’s presently safe with a place to sleep but it’s a short-term situation. Please spread the word and leave any relevant information or updates in the comments. Let’s get this old girl home!


Ponce City Market Now Open

The fences are down and the some of the first tenants are opening at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, as 11Alive reports.  (I’d embed the video, but you all would kill me, because it starts automatically at launch).

As the site’s news page states…

 So you can walk hard-hat free around the property, shop Binders (who quietly opened their doors last week in our construction site!) take classes at General Assembly and drop your kids at Suzuki School in addition to grabbing your daily cup of coffee from Dancing Goats.  Because they’re all open or opening in the next three weeks!

“Well, that’s all well and good” you say, “but what’s up next”?  Well…

…we’re already looking ahead and our team is working tirelessly to deliver the next batch of tiered openings and lease announcements in the coming months.  First you’ll see announcements about more food hall purveyors and retailers in the big brick building as well as the BeltLine rail shed…then more office folks move in before end of year.  In spring of next year there will be a big wave of restaurants and the Central Food Hall will open its doors to the public along with the BeltLine bridge connection, the BeltLine rail shed and some retail followed by more retail throughout the rest of 2015 and lastly, the Roof at Ponce City Market. 

And if you’re ever in Midtown next year and need a little taste of West Ponce, drive over to PCM and swing by Dancing Goats and then take in a little Chai Pani in the food court.

Photo are rendering courtesy of Ponce City Market website

Car Crashes Into Light Pole Outside Dancing Goats

Greg sends in this pic of an accident outside of Dancing Goats early this afternoon.

Bradley reported in…

Car crash at Dancing Goats. Blocked lanes. Fire, police.  Why they need to have a helicopter overhead I don’t know.

Suffering Starbucks

A year ago, the sky seemed to be the limit for Starbucks. Plans for 40,000 stores worldwide were met with some skepticism, but most seemed to think if anyone could do it, it would be Starbucks.

But then, as 2007 got into full swing, the wheels started to come off.

It became apparent that while Starbucks still had tremendous growth opportunities overseas, things were very different on the domestic front. Same store sales data seemed to show over-saturation and the stock fell 40%. The once trendy status symbol, which I once heard described as a “four-dollar Mercedes”, wasn’t so trendy anymore.

Others looked past the saturation argument and instead blamed the quality of the product. These folks accused the fully-automated machines that could better handle the growing lines at the counter, but removed much of the “je ne sais qua” that the friendly, but fiendishly busy Barista provided.

Regardless of the reason, in 2008, Starbucks is looking to reinvent itself. CEO superstar Howard Schultz is back in the saddle and has promised that the company will return to its roots. That means no more hot breakfast sandwiches, which were being tested in many metropolitan areas, as well as many other secret plans not yet revealed.

So, after that brief recap here’s the question of the morning: Do you think Starbucks can pull it off?

If the coffee chain were to revert back to a time when their service was more personalized and focused on the coffee, would you make a point to stop on the Square a grab a cup? Or are the Decatur coffee animals (Java MONKEY or Dancing GOATS) more your style? Perhaps you just prefer to brew your own…