Porchfest Topples Music Midtown in Festival Face-Off; Holding Lead Over Shaky Knees


Oakhurst Porchfest single-handedly defeated Music Midtown in Round 2 of Curbed’s “Festival Face-Off”.  Now we’re set to take out Atlanta’s other mega-music event – Shaky Knees.  (You are welcome all-other-festival-contestants!) With only a few minutes left to vote in this Final Eight round, Porchfest is holding onto a lead.

CLICK HERE and give Porchfest a few more votes and send us to the Final Four!

Vote for Oakhurst Porchfest in the “Great Atlanta Festival Face-Off”!


Ok, here’s the deal.

Curbed launched a “Great Atlanta Festival Face-Off” bracket style event yesterday. Today, our Oakhurst Porchfest is up against the mighty Music Midtown, but it already has a lead a couple of hours in!

So please take 5 seconds and CLICK HERE and let’s make sure we get ourselves into the Final 8!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Decatur Arts Festival came up a bit short vs. Candler Fest Fall Fest yesterday.  If only we had known!

Photo courtesy of Oakhurst Porchfest Facebook page