A Newsman-Turned-Judge’s Blurry, Firsthand Account of John Mayer at Eddie’s Attic

Over on his blog, Live Apartment Fire, 11Alive’s Doug Richards recounts the rather humorous tale of how he once drunk-judged John Mayer (and assumedly Clay Cook) at an Open Mic Night Shootout at Eddie’s Attic back in 1998.

Eddie served the judges all the free beer we wanted, and I had a couple. Maybe more. My mood became increasingly contrary as the night wore on. One performer was pitiful, as I recall. All the other judges gave her a thumbs down; I gave her the only thumbs up. It was a mercy vote.

At one point, a duo came on stage called the Lo-Fi Masters. They were two too-cheery white guys with guitars and enormous skill. They were perky and cute. I despised them. They emerged winners of that night’s shootout, despite the fact that I voted against them at every opportunity. I enjoyed the evening, but mostly forgot the details.

Luckily, Mayer was able to overcome Richards’ drunken harsh judgment and become the celebrated, outspoken superstar he is today.

Richard’s also posts an old WAGA segment on Eddie’s Open Mic Night back in the day.  You can view it in his post.  (Oh hair styles, will you ever stop changing?)

Thanks to Steve for pointing this out!