New Decatur Superintendent Introduces Himself to Community

David-DudeDecatur Superintendent David Dude wrote this letter to the Decatur school community in the latest CSD eNews email blast…

Dear City Schools of Decatur families, staff, and supporters,

It is with sincere pleasure that I write today to introduce myself to the community. I am honored and humbled to have been chosen to lead one of the greatest school districts in the nation. As a lifelong educator, I am committed to the pursuit of excellence and I eagerly anticipate working with CSD faculty and staff in continuing their ongoing pursuit of the same.

During her tenure in the district, Dr. Phyllis Edwards did tremendous work. With enrollment now projected to exceed 6,000 students by 2020, we are facing unprecedented growth. Furthermore, no doubt influencing the district’s growth and success, most of the current five-year strategic plan has already been accomplished. Recent ACT and SAT scores show CSD students scoring at the top of the state and the nation.

With a change in leadership comes opportunity, an opportunity to reflect on the past, its challenges and its successes. It’s an opportunity to examine our current potential and an opportunity to look to the future with a vision of all the district can be.

Throughout my career in education, excellence has been achieved through a continuous focus on students, empowering all those around them with smart systems, transparent leadership, and innovative solutions to challenging problems, designed and implemented collaboratively. As I look to the future, I envision City Schools of Decatur continuing to excel, while boldly addressing the complex challenges resulting from success and growth. We will celebrate and build on the many skills and talents of our passionate students, faculty, and staff while nurturing the district’s personalized approach to teaching and learning without compromising Decatur’s distinctive spirit and identity.

I thrive in environments with high expectations by people who value success achieved through a combination of collaboration, innovation, and persistence. In Decatur, my wife and I have found a caring community committed to the same ideals. We, along with our three children (ages 4, 6, & 9), are excited to join the Decatur schools and community.

David Dude

First Day of School Open Thread

Decatur is one of the few metro school districts that sends kids back to school today; a week earlier than most surrounding districts.

In addition to the early start, this year’s calendar differs from previous years in that there are now full weeks off in September and February, as well as the week of Thanksgiving.

So here’s an open thread for all you parents who had to get back in the school routine again today, a week earlier than everyone else.  Tell your “first day” stories, gripe about the heat, or lament about how old your kids are getting.  Let ‘er rip.