Clifton Corridor Transit Open House – May 19th

Along with the Beltline, the Clifton Corridor transit initiative seems to be one of the rare long-term proposals that just won’t die.  That’s saying something in a town that historically has been at best, skeptical, and at worst, fearful, of transportation alternatives.

Why is it so resilient?  In short, jobs and job growth. Check out these projections from a recent CCTMA doc

As any good Atlanta transit wonk knows, the Clifton Cooridor looks to release Emory and CDC employees and students alike from the daily shackles of a commute to and from one of Atlanta’s largest employers along residential roads.

The Clifton Cooridor Transportation Management Association is still reviewing a few ways and routes of connecting Emory to the Lindbergh MARTA station, but here’s the basic idea.

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CCTMA Cuts MARTA Incentive

Emory announces a cutback in incentives for Emory bike and walk commuters…

The Clifton Corridor Transportation Management Association (CCTMA) recently announced they will no longer offer MARTA passes to bike commute program participants after December 29, 2009. The CCTMA, through funding provided by regional partners, provides certain commute option incentives for Emory staff commuters. According to the CCTMA, due to federal and state changes to policies governing how funding can be spent and regional transportation agency budget constraints, the decision was made to cut the MARTA incentive currently offered to Emory and Emory Healthcare staff cycling commuters.

The program provided 20 one-way MARTA rides monthly to bike/walk participants.

h/t: wcdarling (via Twitter)